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Campus and building information

For a list of currently active ASU facilities, please reference this building list.

Campus data

The campus data sheet pulls and groups data from the database warehouse as it pertains to facilities and PEFI, the Postsecondary Education Facilities Inventory and Classification Manual, also known as FICM. This information is rolled up to the campus level for this use. Use the tabs to display the data for your selected campus/site.

Facilities data

The Facilities data sheet pulls and groups data from the database warehouse as it pertains to facilities and PEFI, the Postsecondary Education Facilities Inventory and Classification Manual, also known as FICM. After making your selection, use the tabs to derive the desired searches and categories of data for your selected facility.

Plans request

All plans are available through proper requesting procedures.

If you are an architect, engineer, vendor or contractor with a contract to perform services for the university, you may identify the plans you require at the University Services Building. Please reference the ASU Project Manager you are involved with for tracking of documents purposes.

If you are a student or non-consultant, you may obtain plans by completing this form in Adobe Sign. After you and the sponsoring faculty or staff member have completed the form, you will be contacted by a member of the UFRM staff to fulfill your request. No exceptions. The first two sheets of paper are provided at no charge. Each additional sheet is $1.50 per sheet. Plans may be delivered via Dropbox. Please help ASU achieve its sustainability goals and consider how your needs may be met in a digital format.

If you would like to review the plans and acquire copies for bidding purposes and do not have a contract with ASU, your request must be directed to the ASU Project Manager assigned to that project.

Policies and procedures

Space data

The Facilities Records Management group, within Asset Management, is responsible for maintaining all ASU facilities' space information. Data is collected and updated utilizing the Space Survey website and stored in the ASU Data Warehouse.

For Space Survey questions or help, email us.


The following resources are used in the collection, allocation, and reporting of facilities space information:

Space Survey website: The space survey is used to collect and update information related to the ASU facilities inventory. It is administered thru the online website. The website may be accessed year-round by persons authorized by their department/unit to serve as a space coordinator. Requests for access should be sent by departments via email.  

Space data is used in the University's Annual 7-11 report to the Arizona Board of Regents, and also for determining campus space management requirements.

Space Survey codes: Room function and room utilization codes used in the space survey at ASU.

Space Survey FAQs

PEFI manual: The 2006 PEFI manual (Postsecondary Education Facilities Inventory and Classification Manual) is published by the Department of Education and serves as the “standard practices” for initiating, conducting, reporting, and maintaining the ASU facilities inventory.

ASU Data Warehouse: The ASU Data Warehouse is where the Space Survey data is stored by the university for compilation and retrieval. Data may be extracted through the Amazon RedShift Data Warehouse and will be accessed by ASU users via BI-Workspaces or personal workstation using a special VPN developer group (nonprod only). Please fill out a ServiceNow request for authorization to access the RedShift Data Warehouse. On the access request form, select "EDW - Facility"  from the Data Area Name search box and list an explanation for requesting access to the facility data.

Virtual print vault

This Virtual print vault provides access to the plans for all campuses and sites. ASURITE authentication required. Please email us for accessibility permissions and direction.