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The Office of Planning and Budget is responsible for the development and management of the university’s planning and budgeting processes. This function includes: resource planning, modeling, allocations, tracking, forecasting and reporting, as well as decision support analysis for unit and enterprise-wide leadership. In addition, OPB handles financial reporting requirements and information requests from the Joint Legislative Budget Committee, the Governor’s Office of Strategic Planning and Budgeting and the Arizona Board of Regents.


We serve the ASU Public Enterprise by facilitating resource planning and allocation and by delivering comprehensive analysis to support decision making, promote financial health, and advance the values of the ASU Charter.


We aim to be subject matter experts in resource planning, allocation, and management. We are committed to continuously improving budgetary processes, leveraging technology for increased efficiency and equipping budget personnel with training and tools to be successful.

Guiding Principles

We are better together: We embrace different perspectives and strengths. We foster and maintain positive relationships. In our work, we collaborate early and often as we know this approach leads to the best outcomes.

We proceed with care: As stewards of ASU’s central resources, we act with integrity in our daily operations and interactions. We plan objectively and execute mindfully. We value and respect our team members and we consciously strive to earn the trust of our partners. We build trust through a strong commitment to transparency, openness and accountability.

We are intellectually curious: Our favorite question is, why? We never stop looking for gaps, adapting our approaches and exploring new solutions. We respond to challenges with active listening and collective creativity.

We translate information into stories: Our unique role in the enterprise is to understand fully the impact of decisions in relation to resource availability. This role requires us simultaneously to zoom in on the critical details and pan out to consider the big picture. We synthesize and distill complex ideas and data to support enterprise-wide decision-making.

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