Purchasing and Business Services helps the university procure goods and services for instruction, research and operations.

Our team’s responsibility:

  • Administer ASU’s Small Business and Diversity Program.
  • Conduct competitive solicitations.
  • Negotiate procurement agreements.
  • Administer and maintain supply chain systems.
  • Advise departments on best practices.
  • Ensure procurement compliance.
  • Manage P-Cards.
  • Manage supplier relationships. 
  • Review and develop contracts.

ASU’s efficiency in resource management earned the university a national reputation for excellence in higher education procurement. The National Procurement Institute honored ASU Procurement with the Achievement of Excellence in Procurement® Award 15 years in a row.

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Meet your Supply Chain teams

Name Title Phone
Tyler French Interim Deputy Chief Procurement Officer, Supply Chain 480-965-5521
Procurement strategy
Brennon Carlson Director, Procurement Strategy 480-965-8695
Belinda Biggs Manager, Strategic Sourcing 602-543-4611
Danielle Van Vleet Assistant Director, Sustainability and Diversity Programs 602-496-0561
Ernesto Marquez Manager, Strategic Sourcing Technology 480-965-8777
John Snow Manager, Strategic Sourcing 480-965-4157
Isabel Carrillo Procurement Sourcing Analyst Sr. 480-965-5378
Natalia Gallego Procurement Contracts Specialist 602-496-1898
Kelly Kassa Procurement Sourcing Analyst Sr.  480-727-4739
Markus Benavidez Procurement Contracts Lead 602-496-3765
Marion Wilson Procurement Contracts Specialist 602-496-5434
Mehdi Samie Aliabadi Procurement Sourcing Analyst Sr.  602-543-5963
Miranda Lilly Procurement Contracts Specialist Sr.  602-543-2264
Paul Haworth Procurement Sourcing Analyst 602-543-1244
Strategic Partnerships Group
Karen S. Ashe Assistant Director; Strategic Partnerships 480-965-3270
Siria Belcher Manager, Supply Chain Administration 480-965-7273
Alvaro Marcelino Hernandez Procurement Specialist 602-543-6798
Fariba Feyzirad Administrative Associate  
Audrey Fuentes P-Card Administrator 480-727-2049
Bailey Nazifi Procurement Specialist Sr. 480-727-7608
Diana Doty Procurement Specialist 480-965-6546
Douglas Feckovics Procurement Specialist Sr.  480-965-7760
Lauren Ibarra P-Card Administrator 480-727-1686
Richard Mancha Procurement Specialist 602-543-5855
Timothy Wright Procurement Specialist 602-543-5951
Supply Chain
Jacquelyn Ahern Associate Director, Supply Chain 480-727-5179
Christina Sherbuck Buyer Sr.  480-965-6778
James Jacobs Materials Supply Controller 602-496-4301
William Waggoner Materials Supply Controller Sr. 480-965-3772
Jeremy Speck Supply Chain Manager  
Kevin Hall Supply Chain Buyer Sr 480-965-4370
Daniel Zunk Supply Chain Buyer 480-727-5260
Joshua Shane Supply Chain Buyer  
Journie Francisco Supply Chain Buyer Sr. 602-543-4522
Patricia Taylor Assistant Director, Supply Chain Systems 480-965-1816
Angelica Lopez Supply Chain Systems Specialist 480-965-3665
Joshua Stuart Supply Chain Systems Specialist Sr.  480-965-4983
Tami Scanlon Supply Chain Systems Specialist Sr.  480-965-0658