Purchasing and Business Services helps the university procure goods and services for instruction, research and operations.

Our team’s responsibility:

  • Administer ASU’s Small Business and Diversity Program.
  • Conduct competitive solicitations.
  • Negotiate procurement agreements.
  • Administer and maintain supply chain systems.
  • Advise departments on best practices.
  • Ensure procurement compliance.
  • Manage P-Cards.
  • Manage supplier relationships. 
  • Review and develop contracts.

ASU’s efficiency in resource management earned the university a national reputation for excellence in higher education procurement. The National Procurement Institute honored ASU Procurement with the Achievement of Excellence in Procurement® Award 15 years in a row.

Learn how to do business with ASU Procurement.

ASU staff may use ProcureBot to ask a procurement question. You must be logged into the ASU VPN or on the ASU network to access the ProcureBot.

Meet your Supply Chain Management teams

Name Title Phone
Christin Burek Assistant Vice President, Deputy CPO, Supply Chain 602-543-7125
Fariba Feyzirad Administrative Associate 602-496-2734
Procurement strategy
Brennon Carlson Director, Procurement Strategy 480-965-8695
Belinda Biggs Manager, Strategic Sourcing 602-543-4611
Danielle Van Vleet Assistant Director, Sustainability and Diversity Programs 602-496-0561
Ernesto Marquez Assistant Director, Strategic Sourcing Technology 480-965-8777
John Snow Manager, Strategic Sourcing 480-965-4157
Alvaro Marcelino Hernandez Procurement Sourcing Analyst 602-543-6798
Isabel Carrillo Procurement Sourcing Analyst Sr. 480-965-5378
Jorge Hernandez Sustainability and Diversity Program Coordinator 602-543-5544
Kelly Kassa Procurement Sourcing Analyst Sr.  480-727-4739
Markus Benavidez Procurement Contracts Supervisor 602-496-3765
Mehdi Samie Aliabadi Procurement Sourcing Analyst Sr.  602-543-5963
Natalia Gallego Procurement Contracts Specialist Sr. 602-496-1898
Paul Haworth Procurement Sourcing Analyst 602-543-1244
Strategic Partnerships Group
Tyler French Director, Strategic Partnership 480-965-5521
Karen S. Ashe Assistant Director, Procurement 480-965-3270
Siria Belcher Manager, Supply Chain Administration 480-965-7273
Audrey Fuentes P-Card Administrator 480-727-2049
Bailey Nazifi Procurement Specialist Sr. 480-727-7608
Diana Doty Procurement Specialist 480-965-6546
Douglas Feckovics Procurement Specialist Sr.  480-965-7760
Emily Ngo Procurement Specialist 480-965-4281
Lauren Ibarra P-Card Administrator 480-727-1686
Richard Mancha Procurement Specialist 602-543-5855
Timothy Wright Procurement Specialist 602-543-5951
Supply Chain Management
Jacquelyn Ahern Associate Director, Supply Chain 480-727-5179
Joleen Messner Manager, Supply Chain 602-568-9172
Christina Sherbuck Buyer Sr.  480-965-6778
James Jacobs Materials Supply Controller 602-496-4301
Noah Hughes Supply Chain Buyer 602-543-6001
Logan Rieder Materials Supply Controller  
Magdalena Garcia Materials Supply Controller  
Jeremy Speck Supply Chain Manager  
Kevin Hall Supply Chain Buyer Sr. 480-965-4370
Daniel Zunk Supply Chain Buyer 480-727-5260
Joshua Shane Supply Chain Buyer  
Journie Kellnhofer Supply Chain Buyer Sr. 602-543-4522
Patricia Taylor Assistant Director, Supply Chain Systems 480-965-1816
Angelica Lopez Supply Chain Systems Specialist 480-965-3665
Joshua Stuart Supply Chain Systems Specialist Lead 480-965-4983
Tami Scanlon Supply Chain Systems Specialist Sr.  480-965-0658