Orange Mall extension

A revitalization and extension of Orange Mall provide an ecologically sustainable pedestrian walkway in the heart of Arizona State University’s Tempe campus. 

This project extends Orange Mall from the existing Orange Street cul-de-sac east to the Central Plant driveway and is the first implementation of the Tempe Campus Mall Hardscape Master Plan. Orange Mall is key to this program as it will set the standard for future phases. 

The extension provides event space for the new Student Pavilion and serves as a social gathering spot for the ASU community. Seating and a shaded palm court offer visitors an enjoyable outdoor living space.

A major project emphasis is to build a sustainable environment and green infrastructure that manages wet-weather impacts. Rainwater runoff from surrounding buildings will give life to the Orange Mall vegetation and bioswales will assist stormwater management.

The revamped mall is designed to meet specifications for USGBC Sustainable Sites certification. The certificate awards success in developing sustainable landscapes.

Campus:  Tempe
Gross Square Footage: 83,384
Total project cost: $3,000,000
Architect:  Colwell Shelor Landscape Architecture
Construction team: JE Dunn Construction
Project start date:  March 2017
Project end date:  August 2017