Biodesign B

Building Information

U.S. Green Building Council member emblemThis building is utilized for high tech laboratory and office space and is physically connected at all floor levels to Biodesign Institute-Building A. This building is the “Front Door” to the Biodesign Institute at ASU complex. The four-story (one below, three above ground) building houses labs, offices and a large vivarium intended for sophisticated and high-technology research. Biodesign Building B is the first LEED Platinum building in Arizona.

Campus: Tempe
Gross Square Footage: 179,559
Total Project Cost: $78,500,000
LEED: Platinum
Architect: Gould Evans / Lord Aeck & Sargent
Construction Team: DPR Construction / Sundt Corp.
Project Start Date: March 2004
Project End Date: January 2006

Solar Information

Full Solar Data

Campus: ASU - Tempe

Racking System: Custom rooftop and DPW Solar

Commissioned Date: 01/2009

System Type: 5-degree Fixed/10-degree Ballasted

Panel Size: 205 Wdc

System Designer/Installer: Ameresco Southwest, Inc.

Panel Model: KD205GX

System Owner: Arizona State University owned

Panel Type: Polycrystalline

Contract Type: Arizona State University owned

Panel Manufacturer: Kyocera Solar, Inc.

REC Incentive: Arizona State University owned

Panel Size: 205W Inverter Model: PVS


Inverter Manufacturer: SatCon Technology Corporation



Biodesign A

Biodesign B

Address: 1001 S. McAllister Avenue, Tempe, AZ 85287

Address: 727 E. Tyler Street, Tempe, AZ 85287

Peak DC Output: 79.95 kWdc

Peak DC Output: 70.73 kWdc

Annual Production FY 2021: 124,644 kWh

Actual Annual Production FY 2021: 96,470 kWh

Average Daily Production FY 2021: 341 kWh

Average Daily Production FY 2021: 264 kWh

Capacity Factor FY 2021: 17.75%

Capacity Factor FY 2021: 15.53%

Racking System: Ballasted

Racking System: Steel structure/Ballasted

Number of Panels: 390

Number of Panels: 345   

Number of Inverters: 1

Number of Inverters: 1

Contract Type: Arizona State University owned

Contract Type: Arizona State University owned

Inverter Rating: 75 kWac

Inverter Rating: 75 kWac

Total Project Cost: $873,966

Total Project Cost: $773,178