North campus satellite central plant

ASU Tempe campus north campus satellite central plant was constructed at the junction of Veterans Way Drive and the East side of Parking Structure 5. The approximately 4,500 square foot facility provides chill water, up to 5,000 tons of cooling capacity when fully built. The first phase of the project provides cooling for the American Campus Communities Tooker House and redundancy to the Main Campus Central Plant. The intent of the facility is to support the cooling needs for other developments within the area as well. The first phase includes up to 1670 ton chilled water production facility. A portion of the project includes the extension of utilities to Tooker House within five feet of the new facility.

Campus: Tempe
Gross Square Footage: 4,500
Total Project Cost: $7,400,000
Architect: Spectrum Engineers/DFDG Architectural Team
Construction Team: Okland Construction
Project Start Date: September 2015
Project End Date: December 2016