Parking permits

ASU offers a variety of parking and permit options to support the different types of commuters coming onto ASU campuses. Sustainable commuter groups may purchase a High Occupancy Vehicle | HOV permit with special benefits and rewards. 

Permits do not reserve a parking spot but allow for parking in a specific location. Parking permit prices are based on the facility's proximity to campus destinations. Each campus offers tiered permit rates that range in price.

Purchase a permit

If you have forgotten your permit, contact PTS

Permits are always required on campus, with the exception of university holidays, excluding semester and summer break. Contact PTS for additional assistance. 

Parking and Transit Services will notify permit holders in advance if their parking location will be affected by construction or maintenance. PTS will also email permit holders if there is a sudden, unexpected disruption to service. Permit holders are given advanced notice to renew their permits annually.

ASU encourages the use of sustainable transportation through discounts and services, such as bike, campus shuttles and public transit on light rail and Valley Metro buses. 

Commuter  vs. Residence hall permit

Only students living in an on-campus residence hall can purchase a residence hall parking permit. Students with residence hall parking permits are the only ones authorized to park overnight. Some residence hall permits have restrictions. These restrictions are explained to customers upon permit purchase. Residence hall students cannot purchase commuter permits. 

Residence hall permits are not renewable since students living on campus may change residence halls. Commuters can renew their permits for the same parking location during the permit renewal period. Residence hall students can purchase their parking permit in advance of commuters when new sales begin in July. 

Leave of absence 

If you are taking a leave of absence from the university, please notify PTS of your pending departure in writing. 

Acceptable leaves of absences include student exchange programs, medical and military leaves and sabbaticals. 

Parking permits and gate cards must be returned to your campus PTS office before your departure. A prorated refund will be issued per permit refund schedule through March 15. Refunds do not apply to employees who pay for their permit through payroll deduction. 

Upon returning to campus, you may purchase a permit in your previously assigned garage or lot at a prorated price, subject to availability. 

Refunds and renewals


Refunds are prorated based on when Parking and Transit Services receives the permit, the identifiable remnant, gate card or transit pass.

  • Annual permits purchased in full may be returned for a prorated refund from the date of purchase until March 15.
  • Annual permits purchased via payroll deduction are not eligible for refunds but can be returned and deductions stopped until March 15.
  • Partial refunds for academic year U-Passes are available until Dec. 31.
  • Platinum Passes purchased with payroll deduction can be returned and deductions stopped at any time. 

Refunds are not provided for:

  • Summer student U-Passes. 

Cash refunds are not issued at the PTS office. Refunds are processed through ASU Student Accounts once your permit or transit pass is returned. After any outstanding charges on your parking and university accounts are satisfied, you will receive a refund for the remaining balance based on your university account setup. 

Renew a permit

If you have a permit eligible for renewal:

  1. Log in to your My Transportation Account.
  2. Select Details
  3. Select Renew Permit.
  4. Agree to terms of service.
  5. Select Renew Permit Now.
  6. Choose your permit type.

If choosing payroll deduction:

  1. Select Details.
  2. Select Renew Permit.
  3. Agree to terms of service.
  4. Select Renew Permit Now.

If choosing credit card or bill to student account:

  1. Choose Bill My Account or Pay by Credit Card.
  2. Select Checkout.

A new expiration date confirms the renewal process was completed correctly. Residence hall permits are not renewable. 

Sun Devils, who choose not to purchase a permit, as well as campus visitors, may use daily and hourly parking options. Permit rates are prorated beginning Sept. 5, and then on the first day of each month after that through July. Prorated rates are displayed online on the Transportation Account website. 

View the news section and follow Parking and Transit on X (Twitter) for updates about parking availability and events that may affect your route to campus.