Parking on Tempe campus

Students, faculty and staff may purchase annual and semester permits. Sun Devils who choose not to purchase a permit, as well as campus visitors, may use various daily and hourly parking options. View the news section, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for updates about parking availability and events that may affect your route to campus.

Daily and hourly

Campus visitors or Sun Devils who only need to park on campus a couple of times each week may find that daily or hourly parking best suit their needs. Daily and hourly parking is subject to availability and may be influenced by factors including campus events and construction. 

Several daily and hourly parking locations also feature pay-by-app parking. Learn more about Parkmobile.

One-Day pass

Day passes are valid for a specific parking location for an entire day. Purchase, print and display the pass when you park. Online day passes cannot be purchased for rental vehicles.

Accessible spaces available in every lot.

Location Rate

Lot 58

$6 per day

Lot 72^

$5 per day | Lot 72 accepts Parkmobile payment


^Day passes for Lot 72 not valid in Vista Del Sol parking spaces. VDS is not ASU property.

Lot parking

Follow the instructions on the pay machine located within these lots. Payment with Visa, MasterCard and Parkmobile accepted. Accessible spaces available in every lot.

Location Payment Required Hourly Rate Maximum Rate | Time
Lot 59E


7 a.m.–7 p.m.

$2 per hour $10 | day
Lot 9 Mon–Fri $3 per hour $6 | 2-hour limit
Lot 13, Lot 44 Mon–Sat $3 per hour $6 | 2-hour limit
Lot 27, Lot 46 Mon–Sat $3 per hour $3 | 1-hour limit
Lot 55 Mon–Sat $2 per hour $10 | day
Lot 3Lot 19, Lot 20, Lot 45, Lot 50 Mon–Sat $3 per hour $12 | day
Lot 67 Mon–Sun $3 per hour $12 | day


Structure parking

Automated pay machines and pay machines in exit lanes accept Visa and MasterCard only. Accessible spaces available in every lot.

Location Payment Required Hourly Rates Maximum Per Day | Lost Ticket

Apache BoulevardFulton Center, Packard Drive SouthRural Road, StadiumTyler Street, University Towers


1 hr or less: $3
1-2 hrs: $6
2-3 hrs: $9
3-4 hrs: $12

4+ hrs: $15



Motorcycle hourly parking

Hourly motorcycle parking in Apache Boulevard, Fulton,  Rural Road, Towers and Stadium structures requires payment through Parkmobile. Hourly and daily rates are the same as structure rates for vehicles.

Motorcyclists without a permit can park in MC-designated spaces at meters and in hourly lots with payment of the posted rate.


Graduation parking

Parking and Transit Services offers complimentary parking for graduation attendees. For ceremonies held at these Tempe campus venues, parking is available in the following locations:

Wells Fargo Arena or Sun Devil Stadium ASU Gammage All other Tempe campus venues

Lot 59 – Accessible spaces available

Lot 3

Lot 3

Lot 58 - Accessible parking only


Lot 59 – Accessible spaces available

Packard Drive South Structure   LDS Institute Garage


View a complete list of scheduled ASU graduation ceremonies and events.

Graduates or guests who require closer access to the venues may be dropped off at the following locations:

  • front entrance to ASU Gammage
  • northeast entrance to Sun Devil Stadium
  • west side of Wells Fargo Arena

Cart service is available for those who may need special assistance in reaching the ceremony from their parking location.


  • Parking is not allowed in residence hall lots, reserved stalls and other restricted locations where special permits are required, including red, green and yellow curbs.

  • Regular fees apply at meters and visitor lots, including the visitor parking areas within the Fulton Center, Apache Boulevard and Rural Road structures.


Parking for other ASU events

ASU Gammage


Event parking for ASU departments

ASU departments planning an event should visit the Department Parking webpage for parking options.

Event parking for non-affiliates

PTS assists groups and organizations with parking for events held on an ASU campus.

If planning an event on an ASU campus, email PTS and include:

  1. organization name

  2. event name

  3. primary contact name, phone number and email address

  4. campus where event takes place – Downtown Phoenix, Polytechnic, Tempe or West

  5. event location – name of campus building or parking facility

  6. dates needed for parking

  7. number of spaces needed


Motorcycle permits allow for parking in designated motorcycle stalls in non-visitor lots on all four campuses. Any type of motorcycle, scooter or moped that has a VIN number and is required to be licensed with the Department of Motor Vehicles must display a valid ASU Motorcycle parking permit when parked on ASU property.

Visitors traveling by motorcycle may park in any available metered space or vehicle stall on visitor surface lots, but must pay the posted rate. See daily and hourly parking options.

Two types of permits are available:

Surface Lot-Only Motorcycle permit

Campus Permit valid in: 2018–19 Permit Year Price
Downtown Phoenix

McKinley Lot and MC permit spaces in the Nursing Healthcare Innovation II Lot

Polytechnic Any regular permit space in lots 5, 8,16A, 37 481, 24, 27,32, 36, 50, 54, 55 or 95

MC spaces within Lot 3, Lot 15, Lot 40, Lot 45, Lot 50Lot 55Lot 58, Lot 59Lot 65, Lot 72

West MC spaces within Lot 3, Lot 7, Lot 10, Lot 14 or Lot 17


Surface and Structure Motorcycle permit

Campus Permit valid in MC surface lot-only locations and in the following structures:  2018–19 Permit Year Price
Downtown Phoenix MC spaces within University Center Garage $480
Tempe MC spaces within Apache Blvd., Fulton Center, Rural Road, Stadium StructureTenth Street or University Towers structures


If you purchase either type of motorcycle permit, but occasionally need to bring a vehicle to campus, you can display your Motorcycle permit in your vehicle on a conversion tag* and park in:

*Conversion tags may be obtained free of charge at any campus PTS office.

Motorist Assistance

Sun Devils who lock their keys in their vehicle or who have a dead car battery while parked in an ASU permit or visitor lot may take advantage of the free Motorist Assistance Program, Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Call 480-965-0641 or use the ASU LiveSafe app.


Sun Devils can choose to purchase an annual or fall semester-only permit. These permits are for a specific location and are most cost-effective for students, faculty and staff who plan to be on campus three or more days each week.

Parking permits for structures use a loop system. The permit allows for one entry and exit at a time. Sharing a permit to avoid hourly parking rates may result in a citation, facility fees or loss of parking privileges.

Permit Type | Location 2018–19 Permit Year Price*

Apache Blvd., Fulton Center or Tenth Street structures; Brickyard Garage1

Residence Hall only - Residence Hall Apache Blvd. Structure or Residence Hall Tenth Street structures5


Vista Del Sol Parking Garage1 $720

Lot 3; Rural Road, Stadium2or Tyler Street structures

Residence Hall only - Residence Hall Rural Road5, Residence Hall Stadium or University Towers structures


Faculty and staff only - Lot 72


Lot 55, Lot 582; Chase Garage at Centerpoint1, Packard Drive South Structure2


Evening only3 - Apache Blvd. or Tenth Street structures


Fall Semester only - Limited availability4 - Apache Blvd. or Tenth Street structures


Fall Semester only - Limited availability4 - Lot 3; Rural Road, Stadium or Tyler Street structures


Lot 592


Lot 59E2


1Permits are available only to building occupants.

2ASU events may affect parking availability in this lot or structure throughout the year. PTS will notify permit holders prior to the event and provide alternate parking accommodations.

3Evening permits are valid only after 4 p.m. Valid in Lot 59 anytime.

4These permits are valid until Dec. 31 and not renewable for the spring semester.

5These permits are prohibited from parking on the first or second floors, or first-level ramps to the second floor.


2018–19 Prorated Permit Prices

Permit rates are prorated beginning Sept. 5, and then on the first of each month thereafter through July.

  Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb March April May June July




















































































License plate removal request form

Sustainable parking

Charging stations

Charging stations are currently not in service. New charging stations set to debut on campus in spring 2019. More information will be posted to the PTS website as it becomes available.



The Eco-Pass allows for 30 all-day parking privileges for an entire permit year in a designated parking lot or structure. To purchase the Eco-Pass, a Sun Devil must be one of the following:

  • part of a carpool group with an HOV permit
  • Platinum Pass or U-Pass holder
  • registered bicyclist

The Eco-Pass offers Sun Devils the flexibility of being able to park on campus on infrequent occasions at a significant savings. Passes available for purchase in person only from Aug. 1 to Feb. 28 of the current permit year upon availability.

Eco-Passes can be purchased for the following parking structures:

Location Price Savings


Apache Boulevard Structure or Fulton Center Structure

$120 $240 less than the cost to park all day for 30 days at the posted daily rate.
Rural Road Structure or Tyler Street Structure $90 $270 less than the cost to park all day for 30 days at the posted daily rate.


Eco-Passes must be purchased in-person at a Parking and Transit Services Customer Service office. Eco-Pass cannot be billed to a student account or paid for via payroll deduction.

HOV permits

Share the ride to campus. Permit holders who carpool to campus may exchange their annual parking permit for an HOV permit in the same location. A customer must purchase a permit for an HOV-eligible parking facility before applying for an HOV permit. Perks of an HOV permit include:

  • division of regular permit cost
  • each individual within the HOV group, other than the primary permit holder, is given three, all-day validation tickets to use in visitor parking structures
  • eligible to purchase an Eco-Pass
  • park in specially-marked HOV spaces typically located on the ground level of a parking structure or close to a parking facility’s entrance

HOV permits available for:


Apply for HOV Permit 

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PTS understands ASU students may have to film in a parking lot or structure. You must request approval to film in any ASU parking lot or structure.


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