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Sourcing Opportunities Notification

Suppliers interested in receiving notifications about upcoming sourcing opportunities should provide company profile information here, including product and service categories offered.  If you submitted the web form that was available previously, please resubmit your information in this new portal.

Submitting your company's information here provides:

  • Access to respond to sourcing opportunities electronically.
  • Access to support personnel and training materials.
  • An account that allows updates to ensure contact information is current.
  • Notification of sourcing opportunities based on selected commodity codes.
  • The ability to create and manage an unlimited number of users and roles for your employees.
  • The ability to review and act on notifications and communications from ASU.

Providing information here is for the purpose of being notified of and being able to respond to sourcing opportunities.  When suppliers are selected to provide goods and services to ASU, they will be asked to complete additional financial related information in a separate registration system. See Supplier Registration tab below. Suppliers that wish to be removed from this portal may send an email to Purch-Q

ASU publishes all solicitations. Suppliers should check the ASU Bid Board often, as changes may occur daily.

Procurement team

The Construction and facilities team purchases architectural - design, engineering and construction services, as well as products and services in support of facilities management, including building, grounds, waste management, vehicles, the power plant, material handling and products for the various trade shops, office furniture, carpet and flooring; and window coverings including installation and related consulting services. Email Purchasing Construction or call 480-965-2160

Diversity and small business programs encourage the participation of small, disadvantaged businesses in the University’s procurement practices. View Purchasing Diversity or call 480-965-2160.

The Goods and services team purchases products and services such as athletic equipment, promotional items, food, appliances, artwork and musical equipment, and paintings. This team also handles services that include moving, concessions, advertising, charter transportation, facility leases, temporary agencies and travel. Lab and Scientific products and services are also purchased by this team, including laboratory, scientific and medical supplies and equipment, compressed gasses and liquids, animals, rare and precious metals, radioactive material and subcontracts | agreements. Email Purch-Q or call 480-965-2160.

The Information Technology team purchases products and services that include computers, printers, software, hardware, database management, data and telecommunication, audio/visual, broadcasting, electronics, security equipment, other technical items, and related consulting services. Email Purch-Q or call 480-965-2160.


Keep ASU Procurement informed of changes regarding your business, including name changes, Federal tax ID number, address, telephone and fax number changes.

Ensure that shipments reference the ASU purchase order number and complete and correct delivery address on the shipping label.

Deliver the ordered goods or services without the need for a buyer to intervene, renegotiate, or expedite the order.

Dependable products and services, timely deliveries, lowest prices, not substitutions for brand names or bid items and compliance with all purchasing terms and conditions and policies and procedures.

Formal solicitation process

The formal solicitation process, competitive bidding, publishes content on the Commodities | General Bid Board. Vendors | Suppliers may wish to check this resource daily even if they have requested to be notified by the commodity buyer, and changes may occur daily.

Once registered with the appropriate commodity buyer vendors | suppliers who have expressed an interest in doing business with the University may be notified directly by the team based on likeliness to be competitive in the bidding process. Some criterion used for selection in notification include:

  • Prior complete responses to solicitations.
  • Prior competitive bids - whether successful or not.
  • Prior compliance with university procurement processes - whether successful or not.
  • Prior successful performance of awarded bids.

Mandatory RFP Certifications

When responding to the solicitation, also complete all sections of the solicitation; incomplete bids will not be considered.

Invoicing and payment


Incomplete invoices may cause a delay in processing your payment. The purchase order will direct the supplier where to send the invoice. University policy is to pay for goods after receipt, unless a prior contractual arrangement has been made.

The following information must appear on your invoice:

  1. Name and department of the individual placing the order - not the buyer.

  2. Complete and valid Arizona State University purchase order number.

  3. Itemized description of material ordered and shipped, including the date.

Payment Terms

Arizona State University's standard payment terms are Net 30 days. Other options include:

  • One percent 20 Net 30- If ASU pays within 20 business days, a one percent discount will be taken. ASU reserves the right to pay within 30 days.
  • Two percent 10 Net 30- If ASU pays within ten business days, a two percent discount will be taken. ASU reserves the right to pay within 30 days.

Existing ASU contractual agreements and purchase order terms and conditions may override the payment terms above and will be noted on the Purchase Order. 


Arizona State University is required to pay Arizona state sales tax except when purchasing a service, or capital or fabricated equipment that is used specifically for research purposes.

By Policy, Arizona State University requires the supplier to pay all contributions, taxes, and premiums under federal, state and local laws for their employees engaged in the performance of work under an Arizona State University contract.

Supplier Registration


The following applies to suppliers who have received a request from ASU to complete this registration process in order to receive payment for goods and services purchased by ASU.

Suppliers providing Goods and Services 

Businesses and individuals selected by ASU, providing goods or services, must submit their registration through ASU's Financial Management System supplier registration portal.

If you have received a request to complete a Supplier Registration, view these instructions Supplier Registration. 

Suppliers not Providing Goods and Services

Individuals who are receiving payments for student support payments, fellowship payments, research subject payments, prize or award payments, or participant support payments must submit their registration through the DocuSign registration links.

If you have received a request to complete a DocuSign Registration, view the applicable instructions:

Domestic: If your tax status is: U.S. Citizen, Permanent Resident or Resident for U.S. tax purposes, view instructions Domestic DocuSign Registrations Instructions.

International: If you are an international citizen and have not yet passed your residency test for U.S. tax purposes, view instructions, view these instructions Foreign DocuSign Registration Instructions.

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