MacroTechnology Works renovation

Arizona State University and Applied Materials Inc. are collaborating on a world-class shared research, development and prototyping facility — the Materials-to-Fab Center — in the university’s MacroTechnology Works building at ASU Research Park.

This project renovates approximately 10,000 square feet of semiconductor processing cleanroom space inside the building and upgrades infrastructure within the existing facility. 

The MTF Center provides a collaborative space where ASU and Applied Materials can work with startups and industry partners while allowing faculty and students the opportunity to work on the same 300mm equipment used in production fabs.

The renovation includes the installation of highly specialized equipment, including a new process cooling water unit, hydrogen and oxygen tanks, evaporators, data outputs, acid scrubber, ductwork, piping and conduit. The project scope also includes upgrades to life-safety infrastructure and fire protection. 

Campus:  ASU Research Park
Gross square footage: 10,000
Total project cost: $80,000,000
Architect:  Diamondback Design Group
Construction team: JE Dunn
Project start date:  October 2023
Project end date:  July 2025