Southwest Center for Aberration Corrected Microscopy

At Schwada Classroom Office Building

Completed in 2011, the Southwest Center for Aberration Corrected Microscopy houses four, aberration corrected, high resolution analytical electron microscopes. The facility allows researchers from across the Southwest to perform cutting edge research in materials and biological sciences. The microscopes are capable of unprecedented resolution by using aberration correctors, field emission electron sources, and monochromators.

The site for the center is the north side of the Schwada Classroom Office Building. The location was chosen for its stability, which was a critical component in enabling the microscopes to perform optimally. The bunker-like, 5,200 gross square foot center facility was highly reinforced to attain maximum stability.

Campus Location:


Gross Square Footage:


Total Project Cost:




Construction Team:


Project Start Date:

June 2010

Project End Date:

January 2011