Polytechnic Utilities Expansion

A new 3,000 gross-square-foot modular chiller plant will provide additional capacity to the existing chilled water loop, which supplies core research facilities, food services, the Sun Devil Fitness Center, academic buildings, and the new multi-level Interdisciplinary Science and Technologies Building 12. 

The project design includes a 1,000-ton chiller that can expand and the ability to add another 1,000-ton chiller on the growing Polytechnic campus. This plant provides independent backup, allowing the chilled water loop system to operate as intended.

The project is expected to meet ASU sustainability goals by achieving LEED Silver certification.

Campus:  Polytechnic
Gross square footage: 3,000
Total project cost: $17,300,000
Architect:  Spectrum Engineers
Construction team: Chasse Building Team
Project start date:  April 2024
Project end date:  October 2024