My ASU TRIP is now available for all ASU faculty, staff, graduate students and Sun Devil Athletics members traveling around the world. My ASU TRIP, created in conjunction with Concur Technologies, Inc., is an end-to-end travel system, allowing you to create trip requests, book travel and submit expense reports, all of which are routed to your designated account signer and Authorizing Travel Official (ATO). Then, your claim will be delivered to the ASU Travel Service Center for final review and approval. Please review the ASU policy on university travel for more information. If you need to access information on historical trips, please use Advantage or the Data Warehouse.

ASU travelers can apply for their U.S. passport for international travel at the ASU U.S. passport acceptance office, located in University Center on University Drive, just east of Rural Road. ASU has an optional environmental impact fee that departments can incur on each travel claim.

For information on the My ASU TRIP processes as well as training materials, access the updated travel guide or review the following tabs. To access the profile request forms and other travel forms, visit this page.

Anthony Travel

Anthony Travel, Inc. (ATI) is ASU’s new conference hotel and travel management services agency. ATI has specialized in university travel for over 25 years and they have been very helpful to ASU employees who took part in the My ASU TRIP pilot testing process. ATI has also been Sun Devil Athletics’ travel agency since 2013. 

ATI has relationships with hotels across the country and has the expertise to book rooms and organize conferences from groups of several people to hundreds of attendees. Their experienced employees can find the right place for visitors and conference attendees.

Financial Services recently updated its online travel portal from MyASU Travel to My ASU TRIP, a system ATI currently uses for its general booking needs. My ASU TRIP, powered by Concur Technologies, Inc., is a state-of-the-art, fully paperless website that provides the most comprehensive search information available. My ASU TRIP also builds trips and conferences within ASU’s updated travel policies and offers a streamlined expense report process.

My ASU TRIP, both on its own and via ATI, features online fare ticketing, tracking airline credits and unused tickets, 24/7 emergency service to emphasize duty of care, destination security reports, mobile apps for smartphones and tablets that offer real-time travel information and updates, and much more. ATI is negotiating better rates with hotels, airlines, rental car agencies and airport parking providers on ASU’s behalf.

Contact Anthony Travel to learn about their services at 480-739-9145, 844-682-5052 or by email. For questions about how to make car rentals and bus charters, reach out to your ATI agent. For questions on the travel system, please contact the ASU Travel Service Center at 480-965-3111 or by email. For instructional information about My ASU TRIP, from creating your profile to booking trips to filing expense reports, please access the travel training page.

Be protected

ASU will not reimburse for collision damage waiver (CDW) insurance for rental vehicles traveling only within Arizona, as usage is covered by ASU’s insurance policy through the State. CDW is allowable and reimbursable for all vehicle rentals that are outside of/leave Arizona’s borders. If renting from Hertz or Enterprise/National, CDW is already included, per ASU contract. For all vehicle rentals, the employee should add “On behalf of Arizona State University” behind their name on the rental agreement and credit card statement.

Employees and volunteers driving rented vehicles while traveling on official business must complete the Authorized Driver Program. Visit the Driving for ASU webpage for more information.

Travel payments

Financial Services uses direct deposit for employee travel and Accounts Payable reimbursements. Employees with direct deposit offered via payroll are automatically enrolled in this process and are the only people eligible. First-time or infrequent travelers, despite being enrolled, may still receive a physical check. These travelers will receive an email when the check is ready for pickup at their campus cashier's office. Downtown Campus travelers must pick up checks at the Tempe campus. Reimbursement checks are typically mailed to the traveler's department. 

To opt out of direct deposit, fill out the opt-out form and return it via interoffice mail to Payables and Reimbursements, mail code 5912; or fax to 480-965-8174. To sign up for direct deposit via payroll or change your information, please login to My ASU.

If you are eligible, use the ASU Travel Card for all official university business expenses. Review the updated Travel Card Information page for details on how to apply, getting reimbursed and the new processes and policies.

ASU will reimburse you when you return from your trip and submit your final expense report along with necessary documentation. Submit your expense report as soon as possible to the ASU Travel Service Center after returning to expedite your reimbursement. You will be reimbursed within 10 working days. Note: You must be an Authorized Driver to receive reimbursement for a rental car for official business while traveling.

When you request a travel advance, use the correct form. For individuals, submit your request via My ASU TRIP. For individual travel, ASU advances 75% of estimated expenses one week before travel begins. For group travel, ASU advances 100 percent of all estimated expenses. Note. ASU will no longer provide travel advances for airfare or conference registration.

For more information, contact the ASU Travel Service Center or visit the ASU travel guide.


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