ASU Polytechnic Preparatory Academy High School

The ASU Polytechnic Preparatory Academy High School expands with a new 29,000 square-foot, two-story building next to Sacaton Hall.

The academy provides students with personalized attention in university-embedded academics to prepare them for success in and out of the classroom.

The educational facility will contain two wet labs, administration spaces and 10 classrooms. Building features include a makerspace for turning ideas into reality. The courtyard between the two high school buildings can serve an enhanced learning space. A metal exterior helps the freestanding building blend with the Polytechnic campus architecture. 

The addition of this facility accommodates student population growth for the next three years. The building design, in conjunction with Sacaton Hall, allows the school to provide a more secure environment for students and faculty through enhanced building-access control and monitoring systems.

The building is designed to meet specifications for LEED certification.

Campus:  Polytechnic
Gross Square Footage: 29,000
Total project cost: $9,800,000
Architect:  Weddle Gilmore
Construction team: Haydon Building Corp
Project start date:  August 2017
Project end date:  July 2018