Tempe campus new academic building

Construction webcam

This new five-story facility on Arizona State University’s Tempe campus provides needed classroom, collaboration, instructional and office space to support the growth of academic programs that will enable student success.

The academic facility replaces Wilson Hall, which was constructed as a residence hall in 1956. The new approximately 178,000 gross-square-foot classroom office building consists of five floors above grade, programmable balcony space and a partial basement to support building services.

The new building is the first element of a new academic district in the heart of campus as it adds 19 essential state-of-the-art classrooms. Included in the project is a dedicated suite for Student Accessibility and Inclusive Learning Services as well as a social-science impact with research and observation rooms.

The unique exterior design - three upper floors overhanging the bottom two - creates shaded walkways around the perimeter. An open “canyon” on the ground floor allows pedestrian traffic to flow through without having to enter the building. 

Also encompassed in this project is the replacement of approximately 1,000 linear feet of the underground utility tunnel network that will serve this and other facilities on the westside of campus. The replacement will ensure the safe, reliable and sustainable operation of campus utility and information technology systems, as well as reduce the university's deferred maintenance.

The project is expected to meet ASU sustainability goals by achieving LEED Silver certification.

Campus:  Tempe
Gross square footage: 178,000
Total project cost: $113,100,000
Architect:  RSP Architects
Construction team: Holder Construction
Project start date:  February 2022
Project end date:  August 2024