Julie Ann Wrigley Hall

Building Information

U.S. Green Building Council member emblemFormerly home to the College of Nursing and Healthcare Innovation, which moved to ASU’s Downtown Phoenix campus, Wrigley Hall has been renovated to include sustainability features which will enhance the quality of the learning and working experience for students, faculty, and staff. The Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability conducts research, education, and problem-solving related to sustainability, with a special focus on urban environments. More than half of the world’s population lives in cities: global sustainability cannot be achieved without making cities sustainable. The Institute initiates and nurtures work on issues of sustainability across many departments on the four campuses of ASU, and collaborates with other academic institutions, governments, businesses and industries, and community groups locally, nationally, and globally.

Campus Location: Tempe
Gross Square Footage: 51,742
Total Project Cost: $8,000,000
LEED: Silver
Architect: Lord-Aeck-Sargent / Gould Evans
Construction Team: Johnson Carlier, Inc.
Project Start Date: May 2007
Project End Date: March 2008

Solar Information


Full Solar Data

Campus: Tempe

Address: 1100 S. Cady Mall, Tempe, AZ 85287



Wind Turbines1

Peak DC Output: 23 kWdc

Peak DC Output: 6 kWdc

Commissioned Date: 12/2009

Commissioned Date: 8/2008

Number of Panels: 124

Retired Date: 6/20152

Panel Size: 210 Wdc

Number of Turbines: 6

Panel Model: STP-210

Turbine Size: 1 kWdc

Panel Type: Polycrystalline

Turbine Model: AVX1000

Panel Manufacturer: Suntech Power Holdings Co., Ltd.

Turbine Manufacturer: AeroVironment, Inc.

Number of Inverters: 4

Number of Inverters: 1

Inverter AC Watt rating: 3 at 7 kWac, 1 at 4 kWac

Inverter Rating: 6 kWac

Inverter Model: Sunny Boy

Inverter Model: Sunny Boy SB6000US

Inverter Manufacturer: SMA America, LLC

Inverter Manufacturer: SMA America, LLC

Racking System: SunLink Corporation

Racking System: SunLink Corporation

System Type: 20-degree Ballasted

System Installer: AeroVironment, Inc.

System Designer/Installer: Lafferty Electric Technologies LLC

System Owner: Arizona State University

System Owner: Renewables Energy I, LLC

Contract Type: n/a

Contract Type: Qualified Management Agreement

REC Incentive: n/a

REC Incentive (UFI): $0.1639/kWh (APS)

Total Project Cost: $49,661

Total Project Cost: $156,030


1 The Wind Generation system is still listed here for historical purposes.
2 The retirement date is based off of historical information for when the wind system stopped generating.