Vista Del Sol

Building Information

The Vista Del Sol Residential Community is a unique on-campus living experience for upperclassmen and graduate students and is located on the southernmost boundary of the Tempe campus, south of Apache Boulevard. The community features private or shared accommodations in apartment-style units, and the student programming is directed to a more mature, independent, residential population. Vista Del Sol comprises approximately 1,850 beds in apartment style buildings with individual kitchens and no central dining facilities. At the center of the 10-building community is a 23,000 sq ft community center featuring a club-style fitness center, social lounge, game room and movie theater. Adjoining the community center is a resort-style swimming pool with a massive sundeck, outdoor lounge area, basketball and sand volleyball courts.

Gross Square Footage: 846,875
Beds: 1,866
Total Project Cost: $130,000,000
Architect: IKON 5 Architects and DWL Architects
Construction Team: Hardison/Downey, Kitchell
Project Start Date: December 2006
Project End Date: August 2008

Solar Information

Full Solar Data

Campus: Tempe

Number of Inverters: 3

Address: 721 E. Apache Blvd, Tempe, AZ 85287

Inverter AC Watt rating: 1 at 333 kWac, 2 at 100 kWac

Peak DC Output: 706 kWdc

Inverter Model: 1 Solaron, 2 PV Powered

Annual Production FY 2021: 993,761 kWh

Inverter Manufacturer: Advanced Energy Industries, Inc.

Average Daily Production FY 2021: 2,715 kWh

Racking System: Custom steel structure

Capacity Factor FY 2021: 16.03% 

System Type: 20-degree Fixed

Commissioned Date: 10/2011

System Designer/Installer: Ameresco Southwest, Inc.

Number of Panels: 2,940

System Owner: NRG Energy, Inc.

Panel Size: 240 Wdc

Contract Type: Qualified Management Agreement

Panel Model: KD240GX-LPB(ZT)

REC Incentive: $0.1225/kWh (APS)

Panel Type: Polycrystalline

Total Project Cost: $3,727,199

Panel Manufacturer: Kyocera Solar, Inc.

Shaded Parking Spaces: 317