Alumni Lawn enhancements

The initial phase of the three-phase Alumni Lawn project provides enhanced views of the notable architecture of Durham Hall, Old Main and University Club.

The pedestrian circulation continues with the existing historic core layout while the project material evokes the important lineage of the university.

The effort includes improved event access for flexibility and functionality with additional power and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Completing the initial phase is a new ASU monument sign that complements the area’s historic nature.

Subsequent phases for Alumni Lawn includes improvements to the tree plantings and walks around the renovated fountain.

The rehabilitation project concludes by renovating of the entry drive and parking lot at the University Club and Health Services Building to improve efficiency.

Campus:  Tempe
Gross square footage: 2.36 acres
Total project cost: $6,300,000
Architect:  Norris Design Landscape Architects
Construction team: Willmeng Construction
Project start date:  November 2022 — Phase 1
Project end date:  June 2023 — Phase 1