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Full Solar Data

Campus: Tempe

Number of Inverters: 1

Address: 250 E. Lemon Street, Tempe, AZ 85287

Inverter AC Watt rating: 50 kWac

Peak DC Output: 66 kWdc

Inverter Model: AE50TX

Annual Production FY 2021: 104,859 kWh 

Inverter Manufacturer: Advanced Energy Industries, Inc.

Average Daily Production FY 2021: 287 kWh

Racking System: PanelClaw, Inc., Grizzly Bear

 Capacity Factor FY 2021: 18.09%

System Type: 12-degree Ballasted

Commissioned Date: 9/2013

System Designer/Installer: Ameresco, Inc.

Number of Panels: 220

System Owner: Encap Renewables, LLC

Panel Size: 300 Wdc

Contract Type: Power Purchase Agreement

Panel Model: TSM-300PC/PA14

REC Incentive: $0.077/kWh (APS)

Panel Type: Multicrystalline

Total Project Cost: $382,200

Panel Manufacturer: Trina Solar Energy Co, Ltd.