Lattie F. Coor Hall

Full Solar Data

Campus: Tempe

Number of Inverters: 18

Address: 976 S. Forest Mall, Tempe, AZ 85287

Inverter Rating: 6 kWac

Peak DC Output: 108 kWdc

Inverter Model: Sunny Boy

Commissioned Date: 4/2009

Inverter Manufacturer: SMA America, LLC

Number of Panels: 1440

Racking System: custom attached Thin Film on aluminum

Panel Size: 75 Wdc 

System Type: 20-degree Ballasted

Panel Model: FS-275

System Designer: CarbonFree Technology

Panel Type: Thin Film

System Installer: Southwest Energy Solutions

Panel Manufacturer: First Solar, Inc.

System Owner: Arizona State University

Contract Type: Purchased 4/28/2017

REC Incentive: $0.25/kWh (APS)

Total Project Cost: $793,461