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Arizona State University has a comprehensive solar program that extends to all four campus locations and the ASU Research Park. Below is a high level view of our solar generating capacity to date.

Milestones as of November 30, 2013:
Total Solar Generation Capacity:  23.5 MW equivalent
(PV: 21.2 MW; Solar thermal: 13,908 MMBTUs = 2.3 MW equivalent) 
Total Solar Systems:  86
(74 on Tempe campus; 3 on West campus; 2 on Downtown campus; 4 on Polytechnic campus; 3 at ASU Research Park)
Total Number of PV Panels Installed: 78,100
Total Number of CPV Modules Installed: 8,652
Total Number of Solar Collectors Installed:  9,280
Total Number of Shaded Parking Spaces:  5,447
Total Number of Shaded Stadium Seats: 828

ASU's Solarization program and the ASU Solar Team are located in Facilities Development & Management, which is responsible for planning, design, installation and operation of ASU's solar systems.

Following is a comprehensive list of ASU's solar PV and thermal installations to date, in alphabetical order by campus. Data provided for each system includes:

Location • Peak DC Output • Actual annual kWh production • Capacity factor • Commission date and cost • Type
REC Incentive = PBI (production-based incentive) unless otherwise indicated.

Last updated February 4, 2014

Questions or Comments for the ASU Solar Team:

Tempe campus

ASU Research Park:

Apache Parking Structure MacroTechnology Works - Retention Basin
Barrett Honors College MacroTechnology Works - Rooftop and Parking Lot
Biodesign A and B  
Business Administration A Wing

Downtown Phoenix campus:

Cady Mall Cronkite Building
Carson Student Athlete Center Nursing & Healthcare Innovation 2 (NHI2) - Solar Thermal
Computing Commons  
Coor Hall

Polytechnic Campus:

Cowden Family Resources Ground Mount Tracker 1
Design South Ground Mount Tracker 2
Discovery Hall Sun Devil Fitness Complex - Solar Thermal
Farmer Education Building SunPower Solar Farm
Farrington Softball Stadium  
Fulton Parking Structure

West campus:

Gammage Parkway Ground Mount Tracker
Goldwater Science & Engineering Center Parking Lots 1, 2, and 3
Hassayampa Academic Village Sun Devil Fitness Complex - Solar Thermal
Hayden Library  
Health Service  
Interdisciplinary B  
ISTB 1  
McCord Hall  
Music Building  
Noble Science Library  
Orange Mall  
Packard Parking Structure  
Parking Lot 11  
Parking Lot 19  
Parking Lot 41  
Parking Lot 58  
Parking Lot 59  
Parking Lot 59 South  
Payne Hall  
Physical Education East  
Police Department Parking Canopies  
Psychology North  
Rural Road Parking Structure  
Schwada Classroom Office Building  
Stadium Parking Structure  
Student Services Building  
Sun Devil Fitness Complex Tempe  
Sun Devil Sports Performance Parking Lot 59E  
Tenth Street Parking Structure  
Tyler Street Parking Structure  
University Towers Parking Structure  
USB Parking Lot 45  
USB South Parking Lot  
Verde Dickey Dome  
Vista Del Sol Parking Structure  
Weatherup Center  
Wells Fargo Arena  
Wrigley Hall  



ASU solar-system installations on the Tempe, West and Downtown Phoenix campuses are facilitated, in part, by Arizona Public Service's (APS) Renewable Energy Incentive Program.  This program offers financial incentives to customers, such as ASU, who add renewable-energy systems to their homes and businesses.  The program is funded by APS customers and approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission.

Solar-system installations on the Polytechnic campus and ASU Research Park are facilitated, in part, by Salt River Project's (SRP) EarthWise Commercial Energy Incentive Program.  This program offers financial incentives to customers, such as ASU, who add renewable-energy systems to their businesses.  The program is funded by SRP customers and approved by the Arizona SRP Board.