Insurance required from vendors

Vendors and contractors working for ASU must maintain certain minimum amounts of insurance throughout the term of their Agreement. Each ASU department is responsible for the appropriate collection, validation and retention of the certificate of insurance, COI.

When to collect a COI
A COI must be collected from third parties and validated for: 

  1. Construction and professional services, as defined by the Arizona board of regents.*
  2. Suppliers awarded through the invitation for bid, ITB, or request for proposal, RFP, processes and suppliers generally listed on the ASU SunMart page.* 
  3. Other purchases that pose a visible risk, including but not limited to food service, events, heavy equipment installation, information or network security, etc. The collection and validation for third-party compliance provide an extended list of other purchases.
  4. Property management and lease agreements, including facility use agreements, FUA. 

*These contracts are managed by ASU’s procurement department. 

Validating a COI
If you are using an ASU contract, use the insurance requirements outlined in the contract to validate the COI. In the event you are using a purchase order or have no contract, use the standard insurance requirements to validate the COI. Additional requirements apply to alcohol service and interacting with minors.  

To ensure the third party’s insurance meets ASU requirements, review the COI to verify:  

  1. The dates are current and cover the duration of the agreement or services provided.
  2. All required coverages are included.
  3. Limits meet or exceed the requirements.    
  4. Where applicable, the additional insured language is included and includes all parties listed in the requirements, specifically the State of Arizona, as ASU’s insurer.
  5. Where applicable, the waiver of subrogation is included and includes all parties listed in the requirements, specifically the State of Arizona, as ASU’s insurer.

Once validated, keep the COI with the appropriate contract or payment documentation related to the transaction. If an agreement is renewed in the future, check the insurance at the time of renewal to ensure the requirements are still met.  

Additional insurance requirements may be required depending on the scope of services being provided or the specific use of an ASU facility. Email Risk Management Services if you have questions about what requirements apply or whether additional coverage may be needed.

Certificate of insurance examples: