Insurance waivers

ASU requires third-party providers to maintain insurance for speakers, artists, performers, vendors and contractors who provide services to the university. The insurance protects ASU and the third party. It should not be assumed by an ASU department that the other party cannot provide insurance, nor should it be the standard process to request a waiver of insurance. ASU Risk Management has established standard insurance requirements to provide ASU protections and has considered reasonable requirements for third-party providers.

In situations where the third party cannot meet the insurance requirements of the university's agreement, Risk Management will review the third party's concerns, the scope of work and the established insurance requirements. When appropriate, Risk Management may modify or waive the standard insurance requirements.

Please see below to request an insurance review for a speaker, artist, or performer. For all other insurance review requests, please email Risk Management.

Speakers, artists and performers

Departments must use the ASU Office of General Counsel's Speaker-Artist-Performer Agreement template for short-term engagements of one week or less. 


ASU's insurance does not cover speakers, artists or performers on an ASU campus. Insurance protects the speaker, artist or performer if something goes wrong and a claim is filed against them. Without insurance, the speaker, artist or performer would be responsible for defending themselves and paying the claim. 

The agreement requires the speaker, artist or performer to carry commercial general liability coverage with no less than $1 million against claims for bodily injury, death and property damage occurring in connection with the event. A speaker, artist or performer may use their own existing coverage or short-term insurance.

Numerous insurance companies provide short-term coverage. Risk Management recommends using the Tenants' and Users' Liability Insurance Policy. TULIP is a low-cost, web-based program that allows third parties to purchase short-term insurance coverage for events held on ASU property. Users can buy coverage that meets ASU's insurance requirement and protects both parties against claims by third parties who may be injured or lose property due to participating in or attending an event. 

View short-term insurance details


Departments may only request an insurance waiver for a speaker, artist or performer when all of the following requirements are met:

  1. The speaker has been presented with the Speaker-Artist-Performer Agreement to sign, and the Speaker-Artist-Performer expresses in writing that they cannot or will not comply with the insurance requirements.
  2. The total payment to the speaker or performer will not exceed $10,000.
  3. The speaker, artist or performer is an individual, not a company and is not represented by an agent or speaker's bureau for the engagement.
  4. The event(s) related to the speaker's or performer's engagement at ASU do not include any of the following:
    • Significant risk of injury to persons or property.
    • Equipment that poses a significant risk to people or property, like trapezes, heavy equipment including motors, vehicles, mini-motorized vehicles or similar types of equipment. 
    • Installation of large amounts of cabling and wiring that extends into or within proximity to the audience. This does not include standard extension cords. 
    • The need to connect to the ASU network or database other than the ASU guest Wi-Fi. 
  5. The department is willing to cover financial risks that may be incurred due to the speaker, artist or performer not providing insurance. 

Departments can request a speaker, artist or performer insurance waiver