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The following procedures have been implemented to assist University faculty and staff in preparing the necessary documentation for filing an insurance claim for University-owned property.

Property loss report - Complete the attached ASU property loss report form and review and address all the items on the checklist. If you are unable to provide any portion of the requested documentation, explain why the information is unavailable or is not applicable to the claim. When submitting a copy of the purchase order, mark the item or items on the copy that pertain to the loss. Return all documentation to ASU Insurance Services.

Claims process - When the ASU property loss report and supporting documentation are received they will be forwarded by ASU Insurance Services to the self-insurance administrator, Arizona Department of Administration, ADOA Risk Management Section. An ADOA Risk Management claims adjuster will be assigned to the claim. The adjuster will contact your department to investigate the loss. Do not discard damaged property. ADOA State Risk Management has salvage rights to the property. If the adjuster requests additional information, submit it directly to the adjuster and copy to email.

ADOA Risk Management Section requires each agency and all officers, agents, and employees thereof to operate in accordance with Arizona Revised Statute § 41-621 and Arizona Administrative Code R2-10-104 (A) in all respects with the ADOA Risk Management Section and Attorney General’s Office and shall provide all information and materials required for adequate investigation and resolution of claims.

Reporting requirements

  • All claims must be reported no later than 90 days following the discovery of the incident.  All documentation must be submitted within 1 year of the date of discovery. Late reporting will result in a claim denial.

  • All other claims or incidents shall be reported within 10 days of the incident on the property loss report form.

  • Property loss that is expected to exceed $10,000 shall be reported within 1 day of the incident, orally, in writing or by electronic means to email.

If the claim qualifies for reimbursement, the reimbursement check will be sent to ASU Insurance Services. A deposit will be made to the department area/org account that was provided on the ASU Property Loss Report.

Third-party liability

If you would like to make a claim against ASU, notify ASU Insurance Services for further instructions by email or phone 480-965-7700. A notice of claim form will be forwarded to the claimant upon receipt of a mailing address.


University owned, rented and leased vehicles, including carts, used for official university business are covered under the university’s property and liability insurance coverage provided by the state of Arizona.

When an ASU-owned vehicle is damaged as a result of an accident, vandalism, theft, windshield or glass breakage, or similar loss that exceeds $100, a vehicle insurance loss claim can be processed for insurance recovery.

Vehicle loss report - The vehicle operator shall complete a vehicle loss report. The operator's supervisor shall review and sign the vehicle loss report.

  • If an employee is injured as an occupant of a university vehicle on official university business, their source of remedy from injury or illness is through worker’s compensation coverage. Employee workers' compensation coverage and claims issues can be directed to Human Resources Benefits Office.

  • If a non-employee is injured in a vehicle accident, call ASU Risk & Emergency Management at 480-965-7700 or email as soon as possible and include all details on the vehicle loss report.

Claims process - The original completed vehicle loss report, along with supporting documentation of vehicle damage or loss such as photographs, shall be sent to email. An ASU claim number will be assigned to the claim and the contact person listed on the vehicle loss report form will receive notification of the claim number. The ASU claim number needs to be included on future correspondence related to the claim.

Reporting requirements

  • A completed vehicle loss report must be submitted to Insurance Services no later than 90 days from the date of discovery of the loss or damage. ASU Insurance Services highly recommends claimants complete and send the vehicle loss reports as soon as possible. In addition, ASU Insurance Services must be contacted by telephone 480-965-7700 or email when an incident involves an injury to anyone involved or property damage to another party.

  • Repairs must be completed and supporting documentation must be submitted to ASU Insurance Services no later than 1 year from the date of discovery of the loss or damage.

Glass replacement - In most cases, repair estimates are not necessary for windshield or other glass replacement claims on vehicles. Glass replacement can be done through a vendor on the state of Arizona contract. Please call 480-375-4902 and provide account number 009036. Please also email a windshield loss report form.

Workers' Compensation

  • Employee workers' compensation coverage and claims issues can be directed to the Human Resources Benefits Office.