Arizona State University is self-insured through the State of Arizona for property and liability coverage under Arizona Revised Statutes §41-621, et seq. The Arizona Department of Administration, Risk Management Division — also referred to as ADOA, State Risk Management or RMD — administers the State’s insurance program on behalf of all Arizona state agencies, including the state’s three universities. ASU’s insurance does not cover the personal property or personal vehicles of employees or students.

The ASU Risk Management Services team can assist with insurance related questions and will help:

  • Ensure insurance coverage is afforded appropriately to ASU employees and volunteers. 
  • Make sure contract terms requesting indemnification and insurance from ASU have acceptable language. 
  • Obtain a certificate of insurance when ASU is contractually required to provide one.
  • Understand the insurance requirements that ASU has in place for suppliers and other third-parties working with the university.