Purchasing Card

The P-Card is a corporate liability card. It looks like and is used like a credit card. The P-Card is ASU’s preferred method for purchasing low dollar goods and services that serve a public purpose. Using the P-Card will eliminate the need for supplier set up, entering requisitions and receivers and requesting reimbursement. ASU pays the P-Card bill weekly and departments are responsible for reconciling and maintaining their own records in FMS. All purchases must comply with P-Card, Purchasing and Financial Services policies. For more information, go to the P-Card users guide and review the P-Card 101 online training.

General Information

Decline definitions
Generic Department Grant P-Card
P-Card restricted purchases list
Users guide

If you do not have a P-Card and do not wish to obtain one, you may:

  • Enter a requisition in the Financial Management System- FMS

  • Petty Cash - for certain restricted purchases under $500 FIN 403

  • Travel Card - for travel use only

Reference and Training