Accounting Services

We provide accounting services for state, local, auxiliary enterprises, agency, technology and research initiative funds; and handle external financial reporting, including the preparation of ASU's annual audited financial report. If you have questions related to the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report or audit, email Marilyn Mulhollan or call 480-965-7236.

Main office:
480-965-3601 | fax: 480-965-2683





Michael Baumert Associate Director Financial Reporting and Accounting Services 480-965-7889
Rachel Braten Sr Financial Services Mgr Accounting Services, Special Projects and Training, Office of the President and Enterprise Marketing Hub 480-965-9288
Kaitlyn Digiammarino Accountant Principal Knowledge Enterprise, Technology Research Incentive Funds and Alumni 480-727-2370
Caitlyn Tripp Accountant Principal Office of the Provost, University Libraries and ASU at Lake Havasu City 480-965-5072

Kory Bond

Accountant Senior

Sun Devil Athletics, Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions, Walter Cronkite School of Journalism, Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering and University Technology Office 


Daniel Behr Accountant Senior Executive VP and Chief Financial Officer, WP Carey School of Business, Global Institute of Sustainability, Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College, Office of Global Engagement and Thunderbird School of Global Management 480-965-7028
Chad Senum Accountant Educational Outreach and Student Services, Cultural Affairs, Office of General Counsel, New College, College of Health Solutions and College of Nursing and Health Innovation  480-727-3780
Veronica Robles Accountant The College, Barrett Honors College, University College, EdPlus, Graduate College and College of Law 480-727-1044

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable processes payments to university suppliers for goods and services. In addition, reimbursements are processed to faculty, staff and students for certain purchases made for ASU business purposes. 

Mail Code: 5912
Contact: 480-965-3511 | Fax: 480-965-1661





Jim Beadle Director of Operations, Financial Services   480-727-3957

Penny Myers

Accounts Payable Manager

Suppliers - P, X,Y, Z, Stipends, Leases, Utilities, Department of Homeland Security, CPMG/Construction backup


Jaclyn Lau

Accountant Senior Commerce Bank, Conflict of Interest, Prepayments, VP/CB reconciliation, AP Deposits, Check Cancellations/Reissues, Wires, Foreign Drafts 480-965-6937

Anika Laforteza

Accountant Associate Wires, Foreign Drafts, AP Deposits, Check Cancellations/Reissues 480-727-5666
Robin Flores Accountant Associate Wires, Foreign Drafts, Check Cancellations/Reissues, AP Deposits  480-965-1924
Laura Myers Accounting Specialist, Sr. Amazon, Fisher, Staples, ORSPA Sub-awards, Stipends — invoice entry in WD 480-965-7603

Marilyn Kent

Accounting Specialist Suppliers - E, L, M, Q, S, U, Dell, CenturyLink, AP emails, processing of wire requests from wire team 480-965-2453
Michelle Kinkead Accounting Specialist Suppliers - G, I, J, front desk, check run, E-Customs 480-965-3511
Vacant Accounting Specialist Suppliers - K, N, R, T, W, AP Email backup 480-727-0887
Amy Leonard Accounting Specialist Suppliers - A, B, C, D, O, CPMG entry — contracts only, DS Sparkletts 480-965-3117
Shelby Myers Accounting Specialist Wires, Foreign Drafts, Check Cancellations/Reissues, AP Deposits 480-727-2374
Corey Archuleta Accounting Specialist Suppliers - F, H, V, VWR, Participant and Student support, AP front desk backup 480-727-2503


Debt and Plant Fund Accounting

The Debt and Plant Fund Accounting area manages the issuance and administration of the university's long-term debt, bonds, certificates of participation, capital leases and purchases. We monitor all plant fund accounts and those from construction proceeds that are debt financed to ensure timely, appropriate use of the proceeds. The DPFA monitors all capital assets and provides the depreciation expense information in the university’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.




Joanne Wamsley

Vice President for Finance and Deputy Treasurer


Rene Botiller

Executive Director Financial Services


Camille Hughes

Debt Compliance Manager


Cheryl Kimball

Financial Analyst Senior


Josselyn Medrano Accountant Principal 480-965-8460
Vacant Accountant 480-727-5475
Vacant Accountant 480-727-9982


The FMS is the financial system of record for the university, encompassing accounting and procurement activities. Visit the FMS Web page for a project description, FAQs and more information.