ASU Travel Card

The ASU travel card will allow you to charge most of your expenses directly to the university, rather than paying with personal funds and requesting reimbursements. You must assign expenses to the appropriate Advantage account by submitting an expense report through My ASU TRIP no later than 30 days after the applicable trip end date.

The ASU travel card, in conjunction with My ASU TRIP, will eliminate most of the paperwork needed to file your expense reports. ASU travel card expenses will interface directly into My ASU TRIP, allowing you to assign expenses to the appropriate report. The ASU travel card will also accommodate a faster, more streamlined expense reporting process. You must continue to submit complete, accurate expense reports and necessary receipts to My ASU TRIP. Reimbursement by ASU is usually made within 10 working days after the correctly completed report is received. Please review the standards of use document for further details.

Any erroneous or fraudulent charges must be officially disputed with U.S. Bank within 60 days of the transaction date. The fraudulent activity may be your personal responsibility if this policy is not followed. Please contact U.S. Bank for assistance, or if your ASU Travel Card is lost or stolen; immediately call 1-800-344-5696; outside the U.S., call collect 701-461-2010.

Step 1: Application and eligibility

If you are eligible, you can apply for and use the ASU travel card as your primary payment method. The primary travel account assigned in the ASU travel card application will determine the Advantage signers who can approve it. You must complete the online travel card application, including the following:

  • An acknowledgment of the ASU travel card standards of use

  • An acknowledgment of ASU’s commitment to ethics

  • The assignment of a primary travel account

  • The selection of a monthly cumulative transaction limit

  • Acceptance of all ASU travel card agreement terms

The ASU travel card is available to faculty, staff and Sun Devil Athletics members who expect to have at least one out-of-town trip every year for ASU business or incur at least $500 annually in reimbursable travel expenses. You can use the card to charge ASU travel and other reimbursable expenses; non-ASU-related charges are not authorized.

Student and graduate student travelers will not be eligible for an ASU travel card. All applications must be approved by the appropriate department representatives, as well as by Financial Services. We strongly encourage eligible ASU users to participate in this program. To apply for an ASU travel card, go to the application site. All card privileges and benefits are subject to change.

Participation in the program is determined by departments based on business need, with final approval by Financial Services. An ASU travel card will not be issued without the approval of the departmental account signer, based on the primary travel account, and the Dean/VP, based on HR department.

Once the application is approved by Financial Services, it will be submitted to U.S. Bank for processing. Your card will be distributed once centrally received from U.S. Bank. Sign the back of the card upon receipt. The normal processing time is 10-15 days after the application is approved by Financial Services.

The maximum monthly card limit is established in the application. If a change is needed, please submit a new application and mark the Check to Revise Existing Card Amount box. All approvals required on the original application are needed for a change to the monthly card limit.  

Step 2: Activating

To activate your ASU Travel Card, call the number on the sticker affixed to your card. You will be prompted to enter the full 16-digit card number, as well as the zip code. Please enter your office zip code, which mostly correspond to the following list:

  • Tempe campus, including SkySong and the McCain Institute (in Washington DC): 85287

  • Downtown Phoenix campus: 85004

  • Polytechnic campus: 85212

  • West campus: 85069

  • Thunderbird campus: 85306

  • Lake Havasu City:86403

Note: If the zip code does not work, contact the ASU Travel Service Center.

You will be prompted to enter the last 4 digits of your 10-digit ASU affiliate ID. You will also be asked if you want to opt-in to a text message service from U.S. Bank; this is optional. After completing these tasks, you can use your ASU Travel Card, but only for travel expenses in My ASU TRIP.

Do not send your ASU travel card account number in an email. ASU travel cards must be kept in a safe and secure place, following the same safeguards used for personal credit cards.

ASU travel card billing address

When providing the billing information in the credit card section of your My ASU TRIP profile, please enter the regular business mailing address that ASU Mail Services uses to deliver your ASU mail. For the Tempe and West campuses, this is generally a P.O. Box number; for the Downtown Phoenix, Polytechnic, and Thunderbird campuses, along with Lake Havasu City, this is generally a building or street address. The address in your profile should be the same as the one entered if a vendor asks for a billing address. For example, if you are at a gas station and the pump prompts you to enter a zip code after swiping your card, enter the five digits corresponding to your campus location.

Step 3: Changing your PIN

The ASU Travel Card is enabled with chip-and-PIN security technology, making it widely accepted in international travel, as well as a more secure payment method for all travel expenses. The term chip refers to a computer chip embedded in each card. PIN refers to the personal identification number assigned by U.S. Bank and input in a terminal for each transaction. The PIN must be kept secure in the same manner a debit card PIN is kept confidential.

You can call the customer service number on the back of your card, enter your account number, validate your identity, and then follow these instruction:

  1. Select Option 2 for PIN Options

  2. Select Option 5 for Change PIN or Request Copy of PIN

  3. Select Option 1 to Change PIN

  4. Enter your current PIN

  5. Enter your new PIN.

Once you change your PIN, it may take up to two ASU Travel Card transactions for the PIN to update. If you forget your PIN, contact customer service to request a PIN reminder. Refer to this link from US Bank on PINs or their information hub for more details.

Step 4: Using

Typical reasons for a transaction to be declined include you not inputting the correct PIN, exceeding your monthly spending limit and using the card for an unauthorized expense. U.S. Bank Customer Service, on the back of the card, can clarify why the card was rejected.

An ASU Travel Card may be suspended due to misuse, unsubmitted expense reports, departmental requests, cardholder requests or extended leave. If reactivated, you will use the same card number. You must be active in PeopleSoft and use the ASU Travel Card in compliance with ASU policies and processes to retain privileges. You must return the card before your last physical day at work, and shred or otherwise completely destroy and dispose of the card. (Do not send the intact card back to Financial Services.) If personal expenses on the card have not been repaid to ASU, your final paycheck may be adjusted accordingly. Outstanding expenses not related to ASU business travel are subject to the university’s collection policies, including the use of external collection agencies.

All charges will post to your list of available expenses in My ASU TRIP. The charges will be allocated by you or your delegate to the appropriate Advantage account when the expense report is prepared.

Any erroneous or fraudulent charges must be officially disputed with U.S. Bank within 60 days of the transaction date. The fraudulent activity may be your personal responsibility if this policy is not followed. Please contact U.S. Bank for assistance, or if your ASU Travel Card is lost or stolen; immediately call 1-800-344-5696; outside the U.S., call collect 701-461-2010.

You will receive monthly memo statements for your ASU Travel Card directly from U.S. Bank. Remember, you do not need to reconcile your ASU Travel Card and all payments are handled centrally by Financial Services, but we highly encourage you to review your monthly memo statement and verify that the transactions are accurate.

Travel card cancellation

ASU Travel Cards are valid for 2 years from the date of issue, as shown by the expiration date on the front of the card. Upon cancellation, please destroy your card, ensuring that the card number is no longer visible. Charging privileges will be suspended and your card may be canceled if you have unassigned charges on expense reports of 30 days or more past the trip end date.

Policies and processes

ASU travel cards are only used to pay expenses for trips submitted through My ASU TRIP. Expenses for in-state travel without an overnight stay should be processed through Accounts Payable. The ASU travel card will allow charges by travel-related merchants, including airlines, transportation companies, hotels, conferences registration fees and restaurants. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on the ASU travel card. If alcoholic beverages are included on a meal check paid with an ASU travel card, the alcohol must be paid with a personal credit card, cash, etc. You are responsible for ensuring that expenses are appropriate, supported by a business reason and are allocated to the proper university accounts by submitting a travel expense report within 30 days of the trip end date. All ASU travel card expenses must comply with applicable university policies and processes.

Compliance with travel policies and processes includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Pre-authorization of trips through My ASU TRIP

  • Purchase of the lowest logical airfare that meets your travel needs

  • Compliance with ASU lodging and daily meal rates, as applicable

  • No alcoholic beverages or other prohibited transactions

  • Submission of travel expense reports within 30 days of trip end date

  • Conformity with the Fly America Act, if airfare is paid with federal funds

  • No unallowable expenses per cognizant granting agency to be allocated to sponsored accounts

  • Provide receipts or additional support, if required or requested

Use of the ASU travel card for personal expenses is prohibited. Should incidental personal expenses be inadvertently charged to the ASU travel card, you are responsible for ensuring that the university is repaid in a timely manner. Submitting the appropriate expense report within 30 days of the trip end date will constitute compliance with this policy if any monies owed to ASU are repaid. If the monies are not repaid, ASU will payroll deduct the outstanding amount per the authorization given by you when accepting the card’s terms of use.

If you do not comply with university policies and processes, as well as the Standards of Use, you may have your ASU travel card privileges revoked.

Other expenses prohibited on the ASU travel card include the following:

  • Expenses not directly related to travel activities incurred on behalf of the university

  • Gasoline or other car maintenance expenses related to using a personal vehicle

  • Meals or related expenses for a one-day trip when an overnight stay is not involved: Expenses for in-state travel without an overnight stay must be reimbursed through Accounts Payable.

  • All prohibited expenses outlined in the ASU Purchasing Card policies, with the exception of cash advances while in travel status (pre-approval is required from Financial Services to enable this functionality on the ASU travel card), bottled water for personal consumption while in overnight travel status, food expenses incurred while in overnight travel status and hotel and lodging expenses while in travel status 

  • First class or business class airfare, unless appropriate pre-approval has been received

  • Membership in travel-related clubs, including airline, hotel or rental car associations or clubs

  • Expenses incurred on behalf of other travelers (whether ASU travelers or non-ASU affiliates)

  • Fines, penalties or late fees, even if incurred while in ASU travel status


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