Certificate of insurance

Departments utilizing external entities who request a certificate of insurance from the university prior to use of their facilities and/or properties must provide ASU Insurance Services with:

  • a copy of the contract or agreement document

  • complete and submit the Request for certificate of insurance no later than fifteen (15) working days prior to the effective date of coverage:

What happens next?
  • ASU Insurance Services will review the documents for appropriate insurance language and give approval.

  • Contracts and Agreements may be forwarded to ASU Office of General Counsel for review.

  • Arizona Department of Administration (ADOA), State Risk Management Section, will not issue a certificate of insurance for documents that contain inappropriate indemnity and/or hold harmless language, nor a certificate of insurance naming any party as “additional insured”.

  • Once the language has been approved, the document must be signed by an authorized university official with contract signature authority in accordance with the Purchasing and Business Services Policy and Procedure Manual, Section 202.

  • ASU Insurance Services will forward a copy of the document with a formal request for processing of a certificate of insurance.

  • ADOA Risk Management will forward the original certificate of insurance directly to the certificate holder and a copy to ASU Insurance Services.

  • ASU Insurance Services will then forward a copy to the requesting department.

A certificate of insurance is issued for informational purposes only and confers no rights upon the certificate holder. The certificate neither affirmatively nor negatively amends, extends, nor alters coverage afforded by Arizona law.

Contact Insurance Services at 480-965-7700 or email us with any questions.