Non Appropriated Local Tuition accounts

Non appropriated local tuition funds (NLT) are necessary to fulfill legislative reporting requirements to establish separate appropriated and non appropriated tuition funds. Any departmental accounts receiving non appropriated local tuition funding must reside in a specific non appropriated local tuition fund code. 

To facilitate this reporting all departmental transfers of non appropriated local tuition funds will be made to accounts in the financial management system in one of the non appropriated local tuition funds:

  • FD5002 - Local Tuition and Fees - NLT
  • FD5009 ‐ Class Fees-CF
  • FD5010 - Designated Financial Aid-NLT
  • FD5011 - Biodesign Startup-NLT
  • FD5013 - Program Fee (PT) and Differential Tuition (DT)
  • FD5014 - Mandatory Student Fees-NLT (excluding AFAT Restricted Funds)
  • FD5020 - Undergraduate College Fee Revenue-UCF
  • FD5021 - Graduate Student Support Fee Revenue-GSSF
  • FD4000 - Summer Session Immersion-NLT
  • FD4001 - Summer Session Residual-NLT
  • FD4100 - Summer Session Online-NLT
  • FD5016 - Financial Aid Summer-NLT

Attributes of the Non Appropriated Local Tuition Accounts include:

  • the accounts will reside in a non appropriated local tuition fund code (listed above),
  • funding sources will be limited to transfers in from other non appropriated local tuition accounts and tuition revenue,
  • deposits of other revenue sources will not be allowed,
  • transfers out are limited to accounts in non appropriated local tuition fund codes (listed above),
  • non appropriated local tuition fund code accounts may transfer current expenses to or from any other accounts.

Exceptions to this process:

  • sponsored cost share obligation transfer from a non appropriated local tuition account to a non‐NLT account are permitted,
  • minor capital projects and debt transfers from a non appropriated local tuition to a non‐NLT account are permitted.

Tuition Remission Accounts

The college dean’s office receives non appropriated local tuition funding to pay for research assistant/teaching assistant tuition benefits in a non appropriated local tuition fund account. RA/TA benefits are paid from a non‐NLT fund account. The dean’s office may fund the RA/TA Tuition Benefit accounts (programs PG99994 or PG99997) through an accounting journal using the spend category 'RA/TA NLT Expense Transfer" (SC0612). Transfers in and out between these accounts cannot be processed, since the RA/TA Tuition Benefit accounts reside outside of the non appropriated local tuition fund codes.

Please contact your OPB analyst or Financial Services accountant if you have any questions.