External Sales

ASU may engage in external sales and services activities related to the university's educational, research or public service mission. To establish an external sales and services activity, follow these steps:

  1. Complete a business plan and email it to Rachel Braten, assistant director, or send it to mail code 5812. The business plan must address the following items:

    1. Summary: Describe the proposed activity. Identify the department. Identify the building or lab in which the activity will take place. Describe the activity's relationship to ASU’s educational, research or public service mission. List who, in the unit, is responsible for the day-to-day operations. List who is responsible for monitoring the activity’s finances.

    2. Customers: Identify the customers for the activity, and if any are federal agencies. Indicate if the activity will be utilized by ASU departments or sponsored projects.

    3. Marketing: Explain how you will reach your customers; for example, via websites, email marketing, direct mailings, banner ads on targeted websites or advertising in journals and other publications.

    4. Competitors: List any other firms offering these products or services.

    5. Pricing: Describe how you will determine pricing for the activity being offered.

    6. Budget and Forecast: Provide a financial forecast for the current and next three fiscal years, detailing estimated annual revenue, expense and sales volume.

  1. Financial Services will review the business plan and provide input to the department. Certain activities may require consultation with the Office of the General Counsel or the Office of Knowledge and Enterprise Development.

  2. Upon finalizing the business plan, the department should complete the External Sales Activity Approval Form and email it to Rachel Braten, assistant director, or to mail code 5812. Approval is required by the external sales manager, the senior business officer and the dean or director. 

External Sales Contract Templates

These sales contracts have been developed into templates to assist departments when entering into agreements for providing goods and services to external customers. Deans have signature authority for contracts up to $20,000. The provost has contract signature authority for external sales contracts over $20,000. The Terms and Conditions of Service template may be used instead of a contract template. Include the Terms and Conditions of Service with the invoice or quote sent to the customer. No signatures are required when using this template.