Continuing education — definitions and charge

ASU Online and Extended Campus helps increase the university's continuing education programs’ awareness, scale and scope.

Continuing education activities provide various non-credit courses and offerings, typically offered to adult students for a fee. The Provost’s Office charges 10% of collected registration and tuition revenue. Participants are also charged a registration fee.

Activities related to continuing education or professional development that receive the 10% charge include the following:

  • Conferences.
  • Courses.
  • Executive education for U.S. or foreign public or private entities.
  • Seminars.
  • Workshops.

Activities excluded from the 10% charge include the following:

  • Event management or pass-through activities, such as events organized on behalf of professional organizations.
  • K-12 outreach activities, such as summer programs for middle school students.
  • Student success activities, such as bridge programs for incoming ASU students.

The 10% charge will be assessed on all revenue posted to these categories:

  • RC0045: Continuing Education Registration.
  • RC0044: Continuing Education Student Fees. This code is used exclusively for Global Launch. 

When establishing a new event subject to the 10% charge through the ASU online payment portal, please request that the registration fees be posted to one of the revenue categories listed above. If you deposit checks for events subject to the charge, use one of the revenue codes listed above. The charge posts weekly to cost centers plus the program, gift, grant or project worktag and is coded to spend category SC0158: Continuing Education Fee.

Contact your Financial Services accountant for questions or more information.