Voyager Card

The Voyager Card is the payment method for fueling official ASU vehicles and gasoline-powered equipment and is issued by Voyager Fleet Systems, Inc.

One card is issued per vehicle that includes:

  • Vehicle number — a four-digit number assigned by the fleet manager.  
  • Vehicle description.
  • 15-digit card number.
  • “RC” number in the format “RCxx mmyy” embossed on the card. The digits after “RCxx” indicate the month and year of expiration.

The back of the card has an encoded magnetic strip to swipe at the pump or credit card terminal and a toll-free telephone number to call for assistance or to report a lost or stolen card.

Only use the Voyager Card for fueling ASU vehicles and equipment. If your department uses a lot of fuel for various machines, generators or tools — lawnmowers, trimmers, leaf blowers, etc. — a separate card is required for equipment. ASU must annually report all fuel usage to the state. However, departments are encouraged to use one card for all equipment, not a single card per piece of equipment.

Do not use the Voyager Card to fuel personal vehicles, equipment or containers for subsequent personal use. Please contact Facilities Development and Management at 480-965-2933 with questions about ASU vehicle operation and the Voyager Card. Refer to FAC 204 for more information on the use of university vehicles.

Using the Voyager Card

You may use the Voyager Card at all major gas stations except ampm. Departments should:

  1. Maintain a master log of all vehicles with the vehicle number, description, year, fuel type and fuel tank capacity and the corresponding card information by each department, including a current list of authorized drivers.
  2. Maintain a transaction log to account for all card use. This will make it easy to track monthly fuel expenses by vehicle.

When refueling an ASU vehicle, the card assigned to the vehicle must be “logged out” to you. Use the card at the self-service pump or give it to the cashier to process the transaction.

  1. Enter a driver ID or PIN. The driver ID is on the front of the card; the six-digit number follows “VEHICLE.”
  2. Enter the vehicle’s current odometer reading.
  3. Purchase the lowest priced regular unleaded fuel available unless diesel fuel is required.
  4. Use the Voyager Card for fuel only. Purchases of car washes, maintenance and repairs or general merchandise are prohibited.

After returning to your department, turn in the card and the receipt indicating the type, quantity and amount of fuel purchased to the appropriate custodian. The receipt must include the odometer reading, vehicle number and your signature or initials. Include all the following information on the transaction log:

  • Amount of sale.
  • Explanation if you purchased something other than standard fuel.
  • Odometer reading.
  • Quantity purchased in gallons.
  • Reviewer’s signature at the end of each month’s transactions.
  • Transaction date and time.
  • Vehicle number.
  • Your full name printed legibly or typed.
  • Your signature.

Reviewing Voyager Card transactions

In each department, one person — preferably someone who does not regularly drive ASU vehicles — is responsible for accounting for all vehicle expenses, including fuel. The dean or vice president’s office performs a secondary review for small departments that don’t allow for adequate segregation of duties. The reviewer is responsible for ensuring that:

  • All supporting documentation is present.
  • Quantities purchased are reasonable based on fuel capacity, time and mileage since the last fill-up.
  • The proper grade and type of fuel were purchased.

Each month, FDM receives the master bill for ASU from Voyager and charges departments via Internal Service Delivery in Workday. The amounts are charged by vehicle number and should match each department’s transaction log.

Contact FDM at 480-965-2933 to request more detailed backup documentation to help resolve discrepancies. After reviewing each vehicle’s monthly log and verifying the Internal Service Delivery, the reviewer signs and dates the monthly transaction log to indicate completion. Keep all records and supporting documentation in the department for five years.

As with the P-Card and all ASU financial activity, all employees and supervisors are responsible for complying with university policies and procedures. The secondary review process can detect misuse if an employee misuses the Voyager Card. The Arizona Board of Regents will discipline those involved with card misuse.