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Incident Reporting

Incident Reporting and Investigations

ASU Policy EHS 115 Incident Reporting and Investigations requires that all incidents resulting in an injury to an ASU employee, student, or visitor, or damage to ASU property in excess of $500 must be reported to EH&S.

For the purposes of this policy an incident is defined as occurrence or event that interrupts normal procedures or precipitates a crisis resulting in any of the following:

  1. Injury or illness to ASU employees, students, and visitors

  2. Events that were likely to cause potential injury or illness to an ASU employee, student, or visitor (near miss)

  3. Damage to ASU property in excess of $500.

Thank you for reporting this incident. Incidents may be reported electronically by using this form for ASU employees' injuries and property damage and this form for all incidents involving non-ASU personnel. Alternatively you may report the incident by telephone at 480.965.1823 or 480.727-9669.

Please be aware that when an ASU employee is injured or becomes ill from a work related incidents the Arizona Department of Administration requires the following additional forms to be completed in order to process Worker’s Compensation Claims:

Please forward these completed forms to Human Resources at ASU mail code 5612 or fax to 480.965.1971.

 Insurance related information is available on the Insurance Services webpage and additional insurance forms are available on the Insurance Forms webpage. Please forward insurance related forms to Risk Management at Mail Code 6512 or fax to 480.727.9055.

 As a reminder, supervisors or other management personnel completing incident investigation reports related to an employee injury should determine an initial or apparent cause to the accident and ensure correct action is taken as appropriate to prevent others from being injured in the same manner. As a general rule, you should ask why an incident occurred at least three times to determine if corrective action is necessary. Please contact OHS at 480.965.6219 or if you require assistance in determining the cause of an incident.