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Find the latest travel guidance on the Travel guidance webpage.

Below are links that may guide you through the process for domestic or international travel when traveling for ASU business.

Using My ASU TRIP:


Daily allowances used by ASU are loaded into MY ASU TRIP and based on the following per diem rates.


  • My ASU TRIP Request/Expense Dashboard: Travel requests and expense reports status snapshot. A trip is displayed from request submission to expense report completion.
  • Outstanding Travel Card Transactions: A snapshot of ASU travel card transactions unassigned to an expense report or assigned to an unapproved expense report. The dashboard aids departments to ensure travel card transactions are appropriate and are processed timely.
  • Travel Approvers Dashboard: A snapshot of travel approvers.
  • Travel Card Application Dashboard: The current status of ASU travel card applications. The dashboard does not provide information on the current status of the card, only the card application.

If you need access, submit a request for the group name Travel.

Travel approver role

  1. Know your role.
  • Travel approvers.
    • Must be an approved Workday cost center manager or grant manager.
    • The first approver on any request or expense report who is responsible for ensuring the documents are completed according to all ASU and department policies.
  • Authorizing travel official.
    • Approves all requests to ensure the travel agrees with ASU policy and is deemed beneficial to the university.
    • Approves out-of-policy exceptions.
    • Must be approved by a dean or vice president.
  • Dean/VP.
    • Approves all trip requests for trips more than $5,000 or to an at-risk destination.
    • Approves out-of-policy exceptions.
    • Is an ASU dean or vice president, or has been delegated as a Dean/VP approver for travel.
  1. Apply for approver role.
  2. Assign an approval delegate.
  • The approval delegate may either:
    • Approve on your behalf and must have an identical role. For instance, an ATO can approve for an ATO, but not for a travel approver.
    • Review documents ready for your approval and let you know when his or her review is complete. These individuals do not need to hold an approver role.

Act as a delegate

  • Cannot submit expense reports. Travelers must certify their expenses.
  • Create and submit requests, book travel and create travel expense reports.
  • See traveler’s card transactions, requests and expense reports.

Individuals can assign delegates from their own profile in My ASU Trip.

You can remove yourself as a delegate from your own profile. You are not able to add yourself as a delegate.

Act as an approver delegate

Based on your assigned delegation, you may either:

  • Approve on approver’s behalf.
  • Preview documents that require approval.

Act as a traveler or approver delegate

Approve requests

Before a trip, a travel request is completed and:

  • Is an estimate of trip expenses.
  • Provides the university with information for risk assessment and traveler location.
  • Supports travel card transactions.

When a request is awaiting approval, you will receive an auto-generated email from Concur with the address of

Before approving a request, understand your role and ASU travel policy.

Approving trip requests

All requests you have approved will remain in your history. Use the View Drop Down button or the search bar to access them.


Approve expense reports

Expense reports are created after a trip ends and include all receipts and documents to support the ASU business purpose. Before you approve an expense report, know your role and understand ASU travel policy.

Approving Expense Reports.

Non-Standard reports

  1. Modification expense reports are created when an error or omission is being corrected on a previously approved expense report. These reports should include a copy of the original expense report attached as documentation.
  2. Non-Travel expense reports are created for:
    1. ASU travel card transactions that are personal and need to be reimbursed to the university.
    2. ASU business transactions unrelated to travel.
    3. Fraud transactions and the corresponding credits.

All expense reports you have approved will remain in your history. Use the View Drop Down button or the search bar to access them.



Best practices

  • Travel approver should be different from the ATO on a request and expense report, if possible.
  • Approvers and delegates should attend ASU Travel Policy and My ASU TRIPin-person training| two versions alternate each month for approvers and delegates.
  • Approvers should use the Outstanding Travel Card Transactions dashboard during expense report review to ensure all transactions have been added to the expense report.
  • If an approver, assign a delegate that can approve in your absence.
  • Know and understand ASU Policy.
  • Prepare your travelers.
    • Provide departmental contacts and accounts.
  • Prepare and provide department-specific policies/guides.
  • Review all Traveler Resources.

On a biweekly basis, departments should complete the following:

  1. Review the Outstanding Travel Card Transactions dashboard to confirm transactions are related to ASU business and are related to a trip that has not ended.
  2. Review My ASU TRIP Request/Expense dashboard to ensure expense reports are being filed within 30 days of trip end dates.
  3. Reconcile financial accounts to approved expense reports.


What is the procedure if someone in my department goes on a trip, but then leaves the university before being reimbursed?

Someone from your department will have to be added as the traveler’s delegate to complete the expense report. The delegate will need to email the ASU Travel Service Center when the expense report is ready for submission. The Travel service center will attach the email explaining that the traveler is no longer with the university and will submit the expense report on the traveler’s behalf.

Mail Code:
General Information

Travel Service Center

PO Box 875912
Tempe AZ 85287-5912