Driving for ASU

All ASU employees, student workers and registered volunteers who drive ASU-owned, leased or rented vehicles for official university business must complete the Authorized Driver Program. Official University Business is defined in Arizona Revised Statutes §38-538.02 and Arizona Administrative Code R2-10-107.

The Authorize Driver Program does not need to be completed by individuals driving their personal vehicles to conduct official university business. 

To successfully complete the Authorized Driver Program, you must:

  • Have a successful 39-month motor vehicle records check annually.
  • Complete the authorized driver training.
  • Consent to the program through My ASU.

Those permitted to drive an ASU owned, leased or rented vehicle:

  1. ASU employees.
  2. Student workers.
  3. Registered volunteers.

Drivers must be 18 years-old with a valid U.S. license to operate an ASU owned vehicle. When renting a vehicle for ASU business, drivers are subject to the age requirement set forth by the rental company. 

Those not permitted to drive ASU owned, leased or rented vehicles:

  1. Third parties.
  2. Students who are not employees or registered volunteers.
  3. Contractors or vendors.
  4. Temporary employees.
  5. Student organizations.

For questions or guidance on your authorized driver status, follow these steps:

  1. Employees and volunteers should connect with their department supervisors.
  2. Department supervisors should connect with their department HR Specialist.
  3. Employees and supervisors should review the Driving for ASU Troubleshooting Guide.
  4. If details remain unclear, the departmental supervisor can email the authorized driver support team.

Driving on campus

ASU traffic control policies PDP 207–01 Tempe Campus Transportation Code and PDP 207–02 Vehicles and Carts on Malls or Sidewalks detail the rules and regulations for driving on ASU malls. They require a comprehensive driving awareness course for anyone driving on any of the ASU campus malls or to immediate ASU structures. You must complete the Authorized Driver Training if you will be driving a university vehicle, including electric carts, on any of the ASU campuses or on public streets.

Visit the Walk-only zones webpage for additional questions regarding driving on the mall.

Campus mall access plans

Downtown Phoenix campus Polytechnic campus Tempe campus West Valley campus
Cart access Cart access

Cart access

Vehicle access

Cart access

Vendors and contractors driving on campus

Vendors and contractors without an ASU affiliate ID must watch the Driving on the Mall for Vendors and Contractors Orientation video prior to driving on campus. Vendors and contractors must also complete the ASU permitting process and comply with ASU policies stated on the Vendor and Contractor Parking webpage.

Motor vehicle record

All ASU employees, student workers and registered volunteers must complete a satisfactory 39-month motor vehicle record annually in order to be an authorized driver. A copy of your MVR does not have to be provided unless you need to expedite authorization. Once you enter your correct driver's license information and give consent in the authorized driver system, your MVR will automatically be triggered and checked according to the report dates below.

The report dates and the turnaround times for receiving MVR results are estimates and are subject to change based on third-party system delays, weekends and holidays.

In-state licenses are automatically run on the 13 and 25 days of each month. It can take a minimum of one week to receive the results but can take up to two weeks. MVR results will be uploaded into the authorized driver system.

Out-of-state licenses are automatically run through ASU’s vendor HireRight on the 15and 26 days of each month. Drivers will receive an email from HireRight inviting them to complete their information. The results are received within 72 hours and are uploaded into the authorized driver system.

Departments are charged for this service. If the employee holds multiple positions within ASU, the charge account for the position with the driver’s type listed will be charged. If all positions have the same driver’s type listed, the charge account for the position marked “primary” will be charged. Departments will not be notified before the HireRight service charge is applied to the account. It is important for departments to confirm the charge account information associated with each active employee in PeopleSoft.

Expediting authorization

If an individual should miss the report run dates — see above — but they need to drive immediately, they can submit an Expedite Authorization Request and provide a copy of their motor vehicle record.

Program access

Employees and Student Workers

To access the authorized driver program, employees must navigate to My ASU. Under the My Employment box, click the Personal tab and click the Authorized Driver Program link. This will take employees to the authorized driver system where they can give or remove their consent, update their license information and view their authorized driver status.

Non-employed students and Non-ASU affiliated registered volunteers

ASU students who are not employed with the university and non-ASU affiliated persons do not have automatic access to the authorized driver program. The department's HR specialist or business manager must complete the security role request process before the individual can access the program. Once the appropriate security roles are applied to the individuals' ASU affiliate ID, they can access the program as an employee/student worker.


All department managers have access to view an employee’s or registered volunteers’ authorized driver status by:

  1. Asking the employee or volunteer to send a screenshot of their authorized driver dashboard.
  2. Request the Dept DL Admin View Only security role that gives departments access to view active employees in the manager's department.
  3. If the employee or volunteer is outside of the department, the department will need to ask that individual’s department HR liaison for their status.

Training access

The authorized driver training must be taken before any employee, student worker, or registered volunteer needs to drive. The training is 45 minutes and only needs to be completed once pending an acceptable Motor Vehicle Record.

Employees and Student Workers

Employees and student workers must take the training through Career EDGE. Once the training has been completed, results will be uploaded into your authorized driver dashboard within 72 hours.

Non-ASU-affiliated registered volunteers

Non-ASU-affiliated persons do not have automatic access to Career EDGE. The department's HR Specialist or Business Manager must follow the security role request process before the individual can access the training. Once the appropriate security roles have been applied to the individuals' ASU Affiliate ID, they can then access the training as an employee/student worker.

Non-employed students

Non-employed students must take the training within Canvas. Once you have completed the training, please notify the ASU employee who is supervising your driving activities. The ASU department you are driving for must ensure that all steps of the Authorized Driver Program are completed before you operate an ASU-owned or rented vehicle. 


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