Travel Guidance

Before booking travel, travelers must have an approved Concur trip request.

How to submit a travel request

  • Submit a trip request in My ASU TRIP for all domestic and international travel.
  • After the request is fully approved in My ASU TRIP, you can book airfare, lodging, rental cars and other business travel through My ASU TRIP directly with Anthony Travel or another booking platform.
  • If a traveler’s airfare is not booked through My ASU TRIP or directly with Anthony Travel, 
    • The traveler or delegate must manually enter the flight and hotel itinerary for international travel in Concur immediately after booking the airfare or hotel so the university may fulfill its duty of care responsibility to ASU travelers. View the instructions to manually enter itineraries in Concur.
    • The traveler, delegate and department financial administrators are responsible for tracking and using unused airline tickets or credits for ASU business purposes.
    • Anthony Travel can only assist the traveler with flight changes or cancelations if the airfare was booked in My ASU TRIP or directly with Anthony Travel. The traveler must work directly with the airlines or travel agency where the airfare was booked

If you are a first-time traveler, review the following resources before booking your trip:

If you are a first-time approver, complete the following:

Prepare for travel

Booking your flight

Travelers can pay for airfare:

  • When booking in My ASU TRIP or directly with Anthony Travel using:
    • The ASU Airfare card.
    • An ASU Travel Card.
    • A personal credit card for reimbursement after the trip.
  • When booking in another booking platform using:
    • An ASU Travel Card.
    • A personal credit card for reimbursement after the trip.

You cannot use your own Travel Card to pay for someone else’s travel expenses. Review the ASU Travel Card standards of use for more information.

Employees who schedule their travel through My ASU TRIP:

  • Keep their travel miles.
  • Receive benefits from ASU contracted privileges with American Airlines and Southwest Airlines.
  • Retain unused tickets for future use.

Travel Card

Set alerts on your Travel Card to receive notifications when you are approaching your ASU Travel Card limit. You can also access your Travel Card statement electronically through Bank of America.

Return from travel

Create an itinerary

Travelers must create an itinerary to claim hotel expenses and daily allowances. You could import your itinerary if you booked your travel through My ASU TRIP. Travelers who did not schedule through My ASU TRIP must document their itinerary.

Only include locations where you lodged, which may differ from your flight destination.

Returned expense reports and delayed reimbursements

Expense reports may be returned or reimbursements delayed for any of the following reasons:

  • Inadequate comments — the business purpose of the expense is unclear.
  • Inadequate receipts.
    • Airbnb receipts need the lodging address.
    • Airfare receipts need the passenger’s name, travel dates, class of service and payment method.

Upload your receipts

After completing your trip, you may upload your travel receipts to the Concur mobile app. The Concur mobile app is saved to your My ASU TRIP profile for reporting purposes. The Concur app allows you to:

  • Avoid the hassle of attaching, browsing, saving and scanning receipts.
  • Upload receipts to automatically read the expense type, vendor, amount and currency.

Refer to the My ASU TRIP manual for more details about downloading the Concur mobile app. 


Visit the domestic and international travel webpage, email the ASU Travel Service Center or call 480-965-3111 for questions or more information.