Fleet Services


Departments begin the purchasing process by contacting the Fleet Program Manager, who will work with you and Purchasing and Business Systems to assure the timely purchase of acceptable vehicles. Please see PUR 211: Vehicles for more information on the procurement of vehicles.

Routine service, maintenance and repair

Contact the Fleet Program Manager with questions related to routine service, maintenance, and repair of university vehicles.

Emergencies and vehicle failures

Please call 480-965-3633 for assistance in case of emergencies and vehicle failures while on the road.   

Fueled vehicles are serviced by American Five Star, The Car Shop and RC 2 Automotive; Electric carts and trucks are serviced by Naumann/Hobbs and Electric Vehicle Company.

ARS 41-803 (C) requires that costs for maintenance and operation of all state-owned vehicles be reported to the Arizona Department of Administration annually. Departments may maintain their vehicles outside of the program. However, departments must report the vehicle's maintenance and repair history to the Fleet Program Manager. Copies of invoices for maintenance and repair services should suffice as long as the vehicle is identified and details indicate what service was provided.

Fleet Program Manager
Purchase a vehicle
Fleet Program Manager
Insurance services


Car wash

Broadway Carwash services must be paid at the time of service. P-Cards are an acceptable method of payment.

Collision and damage to vehicles

All repairs of damage to vehicles due to collision, accident or incidental loss — including windshield repairs — will be coordinated by Insurance Services at 480-965-7700. Please see the insurance vehicle loss claim process webpage for additional information or obtain a vehicle loss report.

Commercial rental vehicles

Visit car rental and transportation services for more information.

Shared Fleet

The Business and Finance department is conducting a Shared Fleet pilot at the University Services Building on the Tempe campus to help ASU assess the viability of a university-wide shared fleet to serve more units and locations.

Currently, units within Business and Finance can register and reserve vehicles through the Shared Fleet pilot program.

Vehicle fueling

Departments will be issued a Voyager card for each vehicle. These cards are specific to the assigned vehicle and may be used to purchase fuel anywhere a credit card is accepted. The fuel costs will be invoiced monthly to Facilities Management, which will process the expenses to departmental accounts. Please call 480-965-2933 for any card issues or questions.