Key and lock services

ASU Lock Services handles all key requests. 


A key authorizer will approve requests electronically. Key-authorizer approval is necessary for all requests. 

  1. Complete a service request form
  2. The keyholder or a designee may pick up the requested keys at Lock Services. Offices are located on every ASU campus. Any person who picks up keys must present a service work order(s). 
  3. All lost or stolen keys must be reported to Lock Services within 24 hours of the loss discovery by submitting a service request form. Please include the following information in the action requested field:
    • Name.
    • Affiliate ID.
    • Department code.
    • Key type - building, floor/area, individual room or office.
    • PO or agency/org information.

If warranted, the individual or department can contact ASU PD to fill out a police report. 

  1. Obsolete or unneeded keys must be returned to Lock Services using the key return form so personal accounts can be cleared.
  2. Keys may be transferred through a service request form upon authorizer approval. 

If you have key-control questions, call Lock Services at your campus, numbers are listed below.

Campus Lock Services contacts: 

Monday–Friday | Operational hours vary by campus. 
Holidays affect regularly scheduled hours.

Downtown Phoenix campus
522 N. Central Ave. Ste. 110, Phoenix, AZ 85004
8:30 a.m.–3 p.m.

Polytechnic campus
6110 S. Sagewood St., Mesa, AZ 85212
Hours of operation: 8 a.m.–2 p.m.

Tempe campus
1551 S. Rural Rd. Ste. 1320, Tempe, AZ 85287
8:30 a.m.–3 p.m.

West Valley campus
4701 W. Thunderbird Rd., Glendale, AZ 85306
Central Service Complex (CSC) 140E
8:30 a.m.–3 .p.m.

Integrated System for ASU Access Control is the ASU electronic access control standard. All departments and colleges should use ISAAC to meet its electronic access control needs. For more information, visit ISAAC.


Lock Services repairs and maintains locks, repairs panic hardware and makes keys. All key requests require completion of a Key Action Request Form. EQ room, grand master and building sub-master keys need approval and justification by the Associate Vice President, Facilities Development and Management, or designee.

All employees new to the university may be authorized for up to three keys at no charge upon the initial request if the area is not accessible by card access:

  • Building key.
  • Laboratory.
  • Office key.
  • Suite key.

Additional key requests will be subject to the key chargeback schedule below. The chargeback schedule is reviewed and updated annually. The Facilities Development and Management AVP, recommends the charges and needs approval from the executive vice president, chief financial officer.

These unit administrators control keys issuance to individuals within their assigned areas:

  1. President.
  2. Provost of the university.
  3. Vice presidents.
  4. Vice provosts.
  5. Deans.
  6. Directors.
  7. Department heads or chairs.
  8. Personnel designated by one of the above.

This authority is recognized by a submitted Key Authorization Form. Key distribution requires approval from an authorized unit administrator.

Rekeying requests

Departments may request rekeying of locks. Requests for rekeying should be submitted through the FM Service Request webpage. Rekeying requests are not considered routine maintenance. Departments that request the service will be charged for the work.

The following is needed to waive the mandatory rekeying policy:

  1. Written justification and notification by the department head or chair.
  2. Validation by the corresponding responsible dean and vice president.
  3. Approval by the AVP, Facilities Development and Management, or designee.

Vendor and contractor keys

Facilities Management Lock Services issues keys to vendors and contractors who require ASU property access. Vendors take responsibility for rekeying costs if the keys are lost or not returned by the expiration date. For key issuance and checkout policy, refer to each campus FM Director or FM Lock Services.

Departmental key

Keys used by several people within a department are the responsibility of the authorized department representative. Charges for lost or stolen department keys are the department’s responsibility.

Key transfers

When requested, keys are authorized for transfer from one employee to another within the same department. The Key Action Request Form must be submitted within 24 hours of key(s) reassignment. Unused keys must be returned to FM Lock Services, or the issuing department office key authorizer or designee. Terminated or transferred employees of the university are liable for issued keys until they are returned.

It is a department’s responsibility to submit a The Key Action Request Form and maintain accurate records on all key transfers and assignments.

FM Lock Services perform routine accuracy audits of department key records. Discrepancies in department logs are subject to the re-core and key fees on the key chargeback schedule. The department is responsible for the payment of these fees.

Lost or stolen keys

Lost or stolen keys require a report to ASU Police Department and FM Lock Services within 24 hours of realization. A Lost or Stolen Key form must be submitted. 

The ASU Police Department conducts an investigation for each instance of a lost or stolen key(s).

Individuals are responsible for control and security of issued keys, and may be held liable for charges relating to lost, stolen or unreturned key(s).

Submit a Key Action Request Form to rekey an area. See Key Chargeback schedule.

Key chargeback schedule

Departments can provide account numbers or blanket purchase orders to expedite the billing process.

Item Charge per item
Key $9
Lost or stolen key replacements | core replacement cost per schedule, if necessary $9
Worn keys $9
Broken keys $9
Re-core and key $60
SAM Box key rings $15
Desk and file keys | new key requiring code $15
Desk and file keys | duplicates $3.50
Desk and file core change outs T & M
Padlocks – must be provided by FM $100
Construction keys Varies