ASU and Sun Devil Dining compost back of house at all dining locations. This includes food scraps from meal prep as well as food and napkins left on plates that are returned to dining hall dish belts.

For public composting place compostable items in any green bin on campus. Current front of house composting bins can be found at all athletic event venues located on Tempe campus, University Services BuildingWrigley Hall, and Student Pavilion kitchenettes, outside of Hassayampa Dining Hall and the Memorial Union. More composting locations are coming soon.

Do not place non-compostable materials in the compost bins. Bioplastics, even those labeled biodegradable or compostable, are not accepted in the green bin. Please recycle all plastic material using the blue bin.

If you would like to start or coordinate a composting program in your unit please submit a request

All paper food service products can be composted including:

  • 100% paper bag.

  • 100% paper plates.

  • Coffee filter and grounds.

  • Napkins.

  • Paper towels.

  • Tea bags - staples removed.

  • Wooden chopsticks.

  • Wooden toothpick.

  • Wooden stir sticks.

All compostable to-go containers received from Sun Devil Dining can be composted including:

  • 100% paper plates and bowls.

  • All dairy, shells and protein.

  • All grains.

  • All produce.

  • Clamshell containers.

  • Napkins.

  • Paper towels.

All grains can be composted including:

  • Bakery foods.

  • Bread.

  • Cake.

  • Noodles.

  • Pasta.

  • Pizza.

  • Rice.

All produce can be composted including:

  • All fruits including pits and seeds.

  • All vegetables including pits and seeds.

  • Flowers.

  • Fried foods - chips and french fries.

  • Legumes.

  • Peels and rinds.

All dairy, shells and protein can be composted including:

  • Beans.

  • Beef.

  • Bones and shells.

  • Cheese.

  • Chicken.

  • Dairy.

  • Egg shells.

  • Fish.

  • Milk.

  • Pork.

  • Tofu.