ASU supports Blue Bin commingled recycling on all campuses.

ASU also has services to recycle specialty items. Search the content below to find out how to recycle at ASU.

aseptic container

Aseptic packaging is a type of sterile food container. Although it is comprised of multi-layered materials typically polyethene, aluminium and paperboard, it can still be recycled. the most common packaging brand is Tetra Pak and includes products such as:

  • Juice boxes 
  • Liquid egg cartons 
  • soup and broth containers
  • milk boxes, including almond, coconut, rice, soy and oat 
How to recycle:

 Place any aseptic containers into any commingled recycling bin on campus.


All dry cell batteries, a type of battery most often used for portable electronics, both single-use and rechargeable of any size, including:

  • AA, AAA, C, D, 9V
  • cell phone batteries
  • laptop batteries 
  • watch batteries 
How to recycle:

For Staff and faculty: please put batteries in a plastic bag and place it in the Blue Bag.Submit a request to schedule a pick-up of a full bag.

For Students: Place in bins located at the Memorial Union, Nobel Library, Fletcher Library and Century Hall.

Not Accepted: Lead acid batteries (such as a car battery) or any wet-cell batteries. To properly recycle wet-cell batteries please visit ASU Environmental Health and Safety


Large batteries, such as a car battery, including:

  • Lead acid batteries

  • Wet-cell batteries

How to recycle:

Please contact ASU Environmental Health & Safety to properly dispose of these batteries.

The blue bag program complements the university’s widespread blue bin commingled recycling program. The following items are blue-bag friendly:

  • Batteries - dry cell, non-rechargeable.

  • Candy wrappers.

  • Chip bags.

  • Coffee pods, one-time use - phasing out by fall 2021.

  • Energy bar wrappers.

  • Small eWaste such as calculators and MP3 players.

  • Small toner cartridges.

  • Spent pens and markers.

  • Used plastic gift cards.

  • Water filters.

How to recycle:

Blue bags are available free of charge to offices and departments on all ASU campuses. Request a blue bag for your kitchen, office suite or other common area.  

We currently have over 600 blue bags in service on Downtown Phoenix, Polytechnic, Tempe and West campuses.

Read more about the blue bag program on ASU News:


Use the Blue Bin for all your commingled recycling.


The deskside blue bin is a 7 gallon bin used for recycling in small or individual areas such as cubicles, office rooms or small meeting rooms.




The community blue bin (Slim Jim) is a 23 gallon bin used for recycling in common areas. Slim Jims are perfect for hallways, shared office space, classrooms, kitchens, copy rooms, large conference rooms and other public spaces.




96 gallon Toter

The big blue bin is a 96 gallon bin used for cleanouts or department moves.







The hamper is used to collect large amounts cardboard and Styrofoam®. Hampers are found in specific centralized locations in each building. Please flatten cardboard before placing in the bin.




How to get a bin

Students: Students that live on campus and need a bin for their residence hall room must submit a Facilities Management Maintenance request

Employees: If your office or department is missing a recycling bin, would like a bin for cleanout or other special occasion, or would like any other recycling service submit a request.

Events: For event bins fill out an event request form.

Cardboard of all types and thickness and rigidness. Examples are:cardboard

  • cereal boxes (chipboard)
  • corrugated boxes
  • frozen food boxes (paperboard)

  • pizza boxes (no pizza, no grease)

  • shipping cardboard

How to recycle:
  • For large quantities of cardboard or large boxes please break down boxes and use the cardboard hampers. Submit a request for a hamper or a pickup. 
  • For small quantities of cardboard, please break down boxes and use the commingled recycling bins nearest you

Not accepted: Any cardboard with excess contamination from food or grease 

Any foil lined chip or snack wrapper including:

  • candy wrappers

  • chip bags

  • energy bar wrappers

  • granola bar wrappers

How to recycle:

Staff and faculty: To recycle, simply place wrapper in a Blue Bag. Submit a request to schedule a pick up of a full bag.

Not Accepted: Wet wrappers or any food wrapper with heavy residual food i.e.: melted chocolate etc.

Used coffee or tea discs from any capsule-specific coffee or tea machine such as Keurig capsules.

Update: Coffee capsules are being phased out and will not be accepted starting in the fall of 2021.
How to recycle:

Staff and faculty: To recycle, simply place coffee capsules in a Blue Bag

Not acceptedCoffee filters, single-serve creamers, tea bags and used tea filters. Coffee filters, tea bags and used tea filters can be composted.


Small electronics, accessories, peripherals and media. Anything that plugs in or uses batteries or is associated with something that plugs in or uses batteries including:

  • Cables
  • Cameras
  • CDs
  • Cell phones
  • DVDs
  • Floppy Disks
  • Mice
  • Thumb Drives
How to recycle:

For staff and faculty: These items may be placed inside a blue bag. Submit a request to schedule a pick up of a full bag.

For students: Place in bins provided in the lobby of each residence hall.



Any item with an ASU property control number must be processed through Surplus Property.

Items that do not have a property control number can be recycled in an e-waste bin. These items include:

  • CD players

  • computers

  • DVD players

  • laptops

  • monitors (excluding CRTs)

  • mini fridges

  • stereos

  • televisions (excluding CRTs)

  • VCRs

How to recycle:

E-waste bins can be found on the Tempe campus in the Memorial Union across from the information desk and Noble Library in the lobby. For large quantities submit a request for an e-waste bin or to schedule a pickup.