Employee Wellness engages individuals in preventative health care practices in the workplace. The wellness team offers activities, programs and resources to keep our community healthy and engaged at ASU.

How to stay healthy while working at home
Transitioning from working in an office to your home during these unprecedented times related to COVID-19 can be a challenge. Our team has provided ways to help you maintain your well-being with online workouts, virtual self-care sessions and wellness-schedule tips. Learn about upcoming sessions on Career EDGE.

Online exercise classes
Stay fit and healthy indoors with Live Well Workouts. Recorded sessions include yoga, HIIT, strength training and other exercises.

Self-care sessions
View our recorded video sessions about self-care and resiliency to help you stay well indoors.  HIP points are available up to noon on Dec. 28, 2020, for these sessions. Email Madison Patrick with your 99 ID number and the name of the class to receive points. Learn more about ourHealth Impact Program that involves well-being activities and cash incentives.

Wellness schedule
Maintain self-care and well-being by establishing a wellness schedule while working at home. These tips can help you stay on track and keep up healthful habits.

  1. Maintain a daily hygiene routine: shower, brush teeth, get dressed for the day.

  2. Set up a comfortable workspace.

  3. Eat balanced snacks and meals.

  4. Drink plenty of water.

  5. Stand up and stretch at least once an hour.

  6. Get outside at least 30 minutes a day.

  7. Connect with a friend or family member each day

  8. Sleep seven to nine hours each night.

Contact Wellness Program Manager Liz Badalamenti if you have questions about current wellness offerings.

Certified healthy departments

ASU Employee Wellness distinguishes departments committed to supporting employee well-being as a certified healthy department. We encourage the ASU community to take an active role in creating a healthy workplace for all employees. Visit our wellness calendar in Career EDGEfor monthly themes to keep your employees healthy.

    How to participate in the program

    Join us on this work-to-wellness journey through the certified healthy department program. Your participation helps us assess awareness, engagement and interest in future employee wellness programs. The program helps foster a culture of well-being and provides support for program coordinators to meet department wellness goals.

    1. Announce your desire to remain a certified healthy department at your next staff meeting and assess your department’s interest in pursuing this recognition.

    2. Inform colleagues they will be required to complete a less than 10-minute anonymous survey to evaluate their current awareness and departmental engagement of wellness initiatives within a two-week timeframe.

    3. Remind colleagues a 75% participation survey completion rate is required for certification.

    4. Send ASU Employee Wellness an excel spreadsheet with the names and email addresses of your employees to send Qualtrics surveys.

    2019-2020 certified healthy departments

    • ASU Health Services, Polytechnic
    • Business Operations - Facilities Development and Management
    • Center: Mindfulness, Compassion and Resilience, Downtown Phoenix campus
    • Corporate Engagement and Strategic Partnerships
    • CIDSE Academic Advising Center, Tempe campus
    • Disability Resource Center
    • First-Year Success Center
    • Indian Legal Program
    • School of Earth and Science Exploration, SESE
    • School for Engineering of Matter, Transport and Energy
    • School for the Future of Innovation in Society
    • Sun Devil Fitness Complex
    • University Office of Evaluation and Educational Effectiveness

    Quitting tobacco resources

    Campus quit partners
    Employee Assistance Officeoffers individual- and small-group coaching sessions for ASU employees interested in quitting.
    Employee Wellness offers educational classes and information about smoking cessation programs for ASU employees considering quitting. Contact us for details.

    Community quit partners

    • ASHLineis a free web-based and telephone coaching support to help all Arizonans quit smoking. Call 1-800-55-66-222 for details.
    • Tobacco-Free Arizona Resources offer information, fact sheets, media resources and more for all Arizonans.
    • Benefits Options Tobacco-Free Program is the state employee tobacco cessation program. Pharmacists help you choose the right medication for you and expert coaches help you set goals and quit for good. 24/7 support is available to keep you on track and medications covered at no cost to employees. Contact 1-866-218-6646 for details.
    • American Lung Association Freedom from Smoking® offers online smoking cessation program.
    • BecomeAnEXwith the EX plan, a free quit-smoking program that helps you relearn your life without cigarettes.

    Work-life balance

    The ASU Office of Human Resources provides these additional services as part of its Wellness and Work-Life Balance offerings.


    Above and Beyond relocation services will help you relocate to the Phoenix metro area, whether you are looking to buy or rent a home in the area.
    Email Laurie Becker or call 602-388-8070, ext. 803.


    • Arizona Legal Center A community legal resource that can help find answers to questions about the law.
    • Lawyer referral service Schedule up to a 30-minute legal consultation for a $40 administrative fee. Get referred to a licensed and insured attorney. There is no fee for select personal injury claims, workers' comp, DUI or social security disability, excluding overpayment cases.
    • Life Care Planning from the Arizona Attorney General to help state residents with decisions on healthcare issues.

    Other services