Health Impact Program

Get healthy, earn up to $200

Benefits-eligible State of Arizona employees, including university faculty and staff, can earn as much as $200 by participating in the Health Impact Program. The incentive-based employee-wellness program involves physical, financial, personal and professional well-being activities. Participants must earn and submit a minimum of 500 points between, Jan.4 to Dec.31, 2021, to be eligible for up to a $200 cash incentive. Screenings and exams must be completed before Dec. 31, 2021. 

HIP begins using a new platform on April 1, 2021. Participants can continue to do HIP-approved activities from January to March. We encourage you to keep a record at this time. Activities will need to be entered into the new program in April for earned credit. Visit the Arizona Department of Administration Benefits for details. 

HIP encourages prevention as the first line of defense against chronic disease and helps individuals to manage pre-existing conditions. ASU employees must use their campus ID number that starts with 99 to register below. 

How to find your campus ID number: 

  • Visit My ASU dashboard. 
  • Go to your name located on the black taskbar. Using the dropdown menu, select View Profile.   
  • Go to the Account Details box and select My IDs.

View the demonstration video for steps about how to register for HIP.  After you complete the registration, take the free online health assessment.

Register for HIP


All Arizona State University benefits-eligible employees are encouraged to participate. Dependents, retirees and spouses are not eligible for HIP at this time. 

Eligible employees must register for the voluntary program as they are not automatically enrolled.

Employees who take part in the HIP program or participate in activities do so at their own risk. Participants are encouraged to consult with a physician before beginning the program.

Reasonable accommodations will be provided to individuals with disabilities.

How it works

Employees must register on the Total Well-Being Strive portal. This confidential, personalized system provides employees health information, resources and is a self-reporting tool for all HIP-approved activities.

Employees report their completion of preventive health activities, screenings and educational workshops to complete the program.  The system automatically syncs more than 35 wearable devices such as Fitbit and Runkeeper to simplify tracking.

Earn points in one to two weeks by attending preventive exams, health screenings or complete your health risk assessment. Preventive exams are reported by the employee and will be subject to auditing by the administrator based on claim files.


Helping employees achieve their best health is the primary incentive. In addition, there are quarterly raffles. Participants who achieve 500 total points by Dec. 31, 2020, may be eligible to receive up to $200. The exact amount of incentive may be lower depending on participation. Incentives are subject to federal and state income, social security, and Medicare taxes. Please consult your tax advisor for inquiries.

Employees can engage in multiple activities in each of the determined point categories including screenings and assessments, healthy lifestyle, education and support.

Payments will be processed during the first quarter of a calendar year. You must be actively employed at payout to receive the HIP incentive. 

Visit  ADOA HIP for information about incentives and prize drawings.


Quarterly challenges

Participants can earn extra points by completing quarterly challenges


The Health Impact Program is a Total Well-Being Strive product administered by Total Well-Being, a Telligen Company. The site has been designed, developed and coded with the best technology to support full compliance with all applicable federal and state privacy laws inclusive of HIPAA.

Email your questions to Benefit Options or visit Benefit Wellness online for more information. 

Also, contact Wellness Program Manager Liz Badalamenti for inquires.