Threat Assessment Management Approach

Arizona State University Threat Assessment Management Approach

If you or someone else are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, CALL 911.

Arizona State University remains vigilant and proactive in addressing behavior threatening our community’s health and well-being and actively supports students, faculty, and staff who are experiencing violent or threatening behavior that impacts their studies or work at ASU.  

Many individuals and offices around the university work together to identify and implement steps to mitigate disruption, assist individuals in navigating appropriate resources for support, and address the ASU community’s ongoing physical and psychological safety. The ASU Threat Assessment and Management Team coordinates these efforts and oversees timely and comprehensive responses to behavior that is violent, that threatens violence, or appears to be on the path to violence.

The team will work with law enforcement agencies as appropriate. 

How to Report Concerns or Get Help

Call 911 if you need an immediate response or if a life-threatening emergency is occurring. 

Conduct can range from specific direct threats of violence to concerns about being stalked or acts of intimidation. If you have a concern of safety or security for yourself or others, please reach out to discuss what you are experiencing or observing.

If you are a student experiencing threatening, intimidating or distressing behavior, or you are concerned about a student who is exhibiting or experiencing such behavior, email the Dean of Students, call 480-965-6547 or submit a Student Care Form.

For more information about resources and assistance, visit the Dean of Students advocacy and assistance page.   

If you are a faculty or staff member experiencing threatening, intimidating, or distressing behavior or are concerned about a faculty or staff member who is exhibiting or experiencing such behavior, email the Behavior Response Team. More information about resources and assistance is available through the Behavior Response Team.

For other concerns, contact the ASU Police Department at 480-965-3456.

Download the ASU LiveSafe app to submit anonymous tips to ASU Police. Visit ASU LiveSafe for details and learn more about other campus safety resources available via the app.

Members of the Threat Assessment and Management Approach, the Behavior Response Team, and the Dean of Students are mandatory reporters of discrimination and discriminatory harassment. Find more information about these confidential resources.


Additional resources

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