Diverse and small business programs

The Diverse and Small Business program engages and develops diverse and small businesses in ASU's procurement practices.  

Staff involved with purchasing and contracting value diverse and small business engagement. They work to:

  • Encourage participation of diverse, small businesses.
  • Enhance a procurement program that provides value to the community and university.
  • Foster an environment that promotes inclusion.
  • Inform the community of the needs and capabilities of its community.
  • Provide education and business development to diverse and small business entrepreneurs throughout the community.
  • Utilize small businesses for procurements up to $100,000 unless impracticable as determined by the Arizona Board of Regents.
  • Search active suppliers to find small and diverse businesses in FMS.

The Diverse and Small Business program also fulfills the requirements for ASU to receive specific grant funding as an R1 research university. ASU asks awarded suppliers to classify themselves as one of the following when registering as a university supplier in Workday:

  • Diverse supplier — Minority Business Enterprise, Women Business Enterprise, etc.
  • Large business.
  • Small business.

Supplier registration will reference the specific business classifications mentioned above. Prospective suppliers will be notified of opportunities when they register their business with ASU's prospective supplier portal

Supplier Leadership Program

SLP is a multi-session workshop focused on how diverse and small businesses develop successful relationships with ASU or organizations of similar size. Current and prospective suppliers are encouraged to apply for the program. This program requires businesses to participate in three live webinars and one in-person session. Benefits of the program include:

  • Detailed sessions on how to do business with ASU and similar organizations.
  • One-on-one networking skills workshop with ASU stakeholders.
  • Opportunities to be featured at a supplier showcase.

Learn more about the next session and apply for this program.

Local agency listings for small business companies

Diverse and small business classifications


Refer to ARS 41-1001.23 for Arizona’s small business definition. 


Refer to 13 CFR Part 121 for the federal small business definition.

Diverse or disadvantaged businesses

Diverse or disadvantaged businesses are at least 51% owned and managed by:

  • Disadvantaged individuals.
  • HUBZone qualifiers.
  • Minorities.
  • Service-disabled veterans.
  • Veterans.
  • Women.

Refer to 13 CFR Part 121 and 13 CFR Part 124 for more information.

If you are a small or diverse business, please register with the System for Award Management to identify your business as a potential supplier for federal grants.