Phased retirement manager guide

Under the Phased Retirement Program, implemented July 1, 2008, a vested Optional Retirement Plan participant age 62 or older may gradually transition into retirement, with the consent of the appropriate dean or vice president. Participants can reduce their work schedules for a maximum of three years while supplementing their incomes with ORP distributions while actively employed.  

After one semester for academic personnel or 90 days for staff in retirement, participants may return to work if positions are available. However, to protect the tax-deferred status of the retirement plans, it is imperative that no oral, written or implied agreement is made to work after retirement before the retirement date.

View our phased retirement section in the retirement guide for details about returning to work after phased retirement.

Faculty or staff considering this program are encouraged to review the phased retirement section before making any retirement plans. Call HR Faculty Services at 480-727-9900 or email us for inquiries. 

To facilitate and expedite all requests, please print and complete the following steps:

  1. Follow the ORP Phased Retirement Program Process. 
  2. Complete the appropriate Phased Retirement Program Agreement and Age Discrimination in Employment Disclosure: 
  3. Process reduction in hours and, if applicable, vacation payout.