ISAAC Building Services

Integrated System for ASU Access Control is the standard system used for electronic access control and video security across university campuses. ISAAC provides ongoing security for the areas, assets and people at ASU.

For assistance with access, hardware or software, service or repair and reporting an issue, contact ISAAC Services at 480-727-1327 during business hours or by submitting a ServiceNow ticket. Business hours are Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Service Center – Students.

ServiceNow – Staff.

For after-hour assistance, call the ASU HelpDesk at 1-855-278-5080. Emergency requests will be prioritized and routed accordingly, with non-emergency requests handled during business hours.  

Adding ISAAC services 

Building and remodeling projects 

If interested in including ISAAC into the design of a newly constructed building or remodeling project:

  1. Consult with the Physical Security Program Manager for your campus and the assigned CPMG Project Manager. Email ISAAC Services to connect with the appropriate contact. 
  2. The program and project managers will ensure the design incorporates the necessary hardware and wiring to accommodate electronic access. 

Existing structures 

If interested in adding ISAAC into the design of an existing structure:

  1. Contact ISAAC Services to arrange a site survey. 
  2. Coordinate the presence of all necessary individuals at the site survey. The site survey will allow for the preparation of an installation quote and an estimate for ongoing maintenance. 
  3. Work with your department BOM to submit a Workday purchase order in the amount of the quote. 
  4. ISAAC Services will coordinate the installation with all necessary individuals. 

Video footage policy 

ASU video cameras are managed and recorded centrally by the ASU Police Department. Incidents requiring the review of video footage must have an ASU PD incident number. Complete a public records request form

Footage may not be released to any entity without prior written approval from ASU PD or the Office of General Counsel. View the video policy PDP 201-06

Associated costs 

ISAAC Services pays for the ISAAC servers and the server software. 

All other costs associated with the electronic access control are the responsibility of the units. These costs include ASU ID cards for contractors and employees, installation, ongoing maintenance and purchases. 

Do not purchase any equipment on your own. Equipment purchases must be requested through ServiceNow

Electronic access control installation Estimated cost

Existing head end with room to expand, new reader, standard electrified cylindrical lever access control components*, wire run less than 100 feet


Existing head end with room to expand, new reader, electric CRASH BAR access control components*, wire run less than 100 feet


New head end components, no current existing infrastructure, new reader, standard access control components*, wire run less than 100 feet

Video camera installation Estimated cost
New outdoor camera, new outdoor IP camera, mount, video license, installation labor, two-year warranty $1,500–$2,500
New indoor camera, new indoor IP camera, mount, video license, installation labor, two-year warranty $1,300–$2,350
Century Link network drop $600–$1,200
ISAAC video management recording storage $100–$200 annually

*This includes door position switch, request to exit sensor, electrified handle and lockset, transfer hinge and programming.

All cameras included comply with ASU approved standards and must follow ASU policy.

Card access control

In tandem with your student or employee ASU ID card, ISAAC provides door access technology to designated buildings and rooms by working with a smart card reader to identify and allow entry access to authorized users. 

To enter areas for which you have the authorized, hold your card to the reader. The smart card reader's light will turn from red to green, signifying access has been granted and the door will unlock. 

If you experience door access issues, contact:

Service Center – Students. 

ServiceNow – Staff.

To add or change authorization permissions, contact your department segment manager. View the segment manager and building contact sheet to determine your proper contact. 

Requesting contractor access 

University contractors and department affiliates may be granted access to controlled campus areas with authorized permissions. 

An ASU ID card can be issued to individual contractors or other affiliates under a contracting department's responsibility. This is recommended for long term access needs. Once approved, this card will be provided by Sun Devil Card Services. 

Email Sun Devil Card Services or call 480-965-2273 to request affiliate access. 

Call ISAAC Services at 480-727-1327 to consult about other access devices. 

Segment managers

A segment manager is an appointed full-time employee who is tasked with responsibilities related to ISAAC and their assigned segment. This role provides local administration for ISAAC control, including providing access, locking and unlocking doors and troubleshooting issues. 

The segment manager meets bi-monthly with the ISAAC Services team for continuous review of policy and procedures. 

Call ISAAC Services at 480-727-1327 to learn how to become a segment manager. 

General Information

Facilities – 480-965-3633

HelpDesk – 1-855-278-5080

ISAAC Services – 480-727-1327