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emergency - faculty and staff

Faculty & Staff


Campus Safety

Safety Resources for Faculty and Staff

Behavior Response Team (BRT)

Campus Safety and Compliance Hotline

Safety Escort Service is provided for each campus. For service at your location, call the appropriate campus number:

Tempe 480.965.1515 | West 602.543.3456 | Polytechnic 480.727.3456 | Downtown 602.496.3456.


Faculty Resources

Teaching resources compiled by the Center for Learning and Teaching Excellence (CLTE).


Intergroup Relations

Students, faculty and staff who wish to explore pro-active ways of addressing issues of diversity and intergroup conflict on campus are encouraged to contact the Intergroup Relations Center at 480.965.1574. The IRC website includes steps individuals and groups can take to bring the campus together, educational resources on the issues, and resources for instructors.