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EH & S Training


The Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) team is dedicated to providing the training necessary to protect the health and welfare of ASU's community, interests and assets. We provide the tools needed for a safe campus environment, in compliance with federal, state, and local regulations.

Thank you for seeking the training opportunities available through our department and for complying with the laws and regulations regarding required and supplemental training available through EH&S.

What Training is Required?

If you are unsure of the training you are required to take, or would like to view the complete list of available EH&S courses please access our Training Determination Tool.

How to Register for Instructor led Training?

Look up classes using the Search Course Catalog/Registration for Training below:

  • Select "Register for Training".
  • Enter your Affiliate ID (10-digit number begins with 10 or 12).
  • Select your name, if no name shows follow the New Worker Registration.
  • Select from all Available Courses –this will give a list of next scheduled class.
  • Choose Select at the right of the class to register.
  • A Registration confirmation message will appear confirming your choice.
  • Continue selecting courses until finished.
  • "Log off" when finished.

Search Course Catalog/Register for Training

If you require assistance with registering for the training you need or assistance contact EH&S at 480.965.1823 Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. or email EH&S.

Look up your own training Record:

You can look up individual training records.

  • You will be asked for your ASURite username and password.
  • Select "Individual Training Record".
  • Enter the Affiliate ID (10-digit number begins with 10 or 12) or first and last name of person training records to view.
  • Select Submit or Return.
  • Select the worker who matches your request and a listing of that persons training will appear.
  • To search for another workers training record use the Back button.
  • "Log off" when finished.

Interested in Specialized Training/Departmental Training?

Additional training class dates can be scheduled for large groups or individual departments by request. For further information please contact the Environmental Health & Safety Program Coordinator at 480.965.1823 or email EH&S.

Blackboard Classes Enrollment

For Blackboard classes find the class below and select Enroll, you will be taken to the self enrollment page for the selected class.

You can still enroll through MyASU and search for the Blackboard class.

Blackboard Classes, Classes by Arrangement, and Classes with Options

Blackboard Classes Blackboard Classes cont. Classes by Arrangement Classes with Options
Anesthetic Gas Safety Enroll Hazard Communication Enroll Biosafety Training AED Training
Anesthetic Gas Safety Refresher Enroll Hazard Communication for Police Enroll Bloodborne Pathogens Compressed Gas Power Point
ASU Biosafety & Bloodborne Pathogens Training Enroll Hazardous Waste Management 
CPR/AED Training Defensive Driving
Autoclave Training Enroll Hazardous Waste Management Refresher Enroll    
Bloodborne Pathogens General Awareness Training Enroll Hydrofluoric (HF) Acid Safety Training Enroll Radiation Safety Training  
Bloodborne Pathogen 
Training for ASU Daycare Centers Enroll
Laboratory Safety Refresher Enroll    MAPS

Bloodborne Pathogen
Training for ASU Health Services Enroll

Ladder Safety Enroll   Access Carts 

Bloodborne Pathogen
Training for ASU Residence Halls Enroll

Machine Shop Safety Enroll   Access Vehicles

Bloodborne Pathogen
Training for ASU Police Department Enroll

PAPR Training Enroll    

Compressed Gas - Under Pressure Enroll

Mentor Verification Checklist

Both required for certification

Radiation Safety for ASU Police Enroll     

CPMG Support Manual Training Enroll

Recombinant DNA Training NIH Enroll   
Cranes, Hoists, and Slings Enroll  Roof Access Enroll    
Defensive Driving Enroll Safety & Security for International
Travelers (SSIT) Enroll
Driving on the Mall (DOM)
Refresher Enroll
Service Provider
Acknowledgement Training Enroll 
Fighting Heat Stress Enroll      
Fire Safety Training Enroll