EHS training

Awareness of safe work practices is vital to prevent work-related injuries and negative publicity. Our courses increase your safety awareness and knowledge to keep you injury free while meeting compliance requirements.


New employee info

On behalf of the Department of Environmental Health and Safety, welcome to Arizona State University. ASU strives to promote and maintain a safe and healthy environment for the University community and its employees. To facilitate such an environment, employees are required to attend certain mandated safety training sessions depending upon their specific job classification or duties.


Completion of the Fire Safety and Prevention training is required for all employees within 90 days from their employment start date and annually, thereafter. In addition, due to the specific nature of your position and/or duties, completion of specific training classes may be required prior to assignment of work duties. Please consult the Training determination tool for further requirements.


Health and safety training determination

To determine which safety training courses are required and recommended based on the work being performed, please consult the Training determination tool. Use this tool in consultation with your immediate supervisor concerning your work duties to determine your training plan.


All training participants must bring their official ASU ID card with them. Please email us if you have any questions.

Blackboard classes

Blackboard classes enrollment - Locate the class below and select Enroll to self enroll for the desired class. Enrollment also available via My ASU.

Anesthetic gas safety -  Enroll

Fighting heat stress - Enroll

Anesthetic gas safety refresher - Enroll

Fire safety - Enroll

ASU biosafety and bloodborne pathogens - Enroll

Hazard communication - Enroll

Authorized Driver training - Enroll Hazard communication for Police - Enroll

Autoclave  - Enroll

Hazardous waste management - Enroll

Bloodborne pathogens general awareness - Enroll

Hydrofluoric acid safety - Enroll

Bloodborne pathogen training for ASU daycare centers - Enroll 

Incident investigation and report preparation - Enroll

Bloodborne pathogen training for ASU Facilities Management - Enroll Laboratory safety refresher - Enroll

Bloodborne pathogen training for ASU Health Services - Enroll

Ladder safety - Enroll

Bloodborne pathogen training for ASU residence halls - Enroll

Machine shop safety - Enroll

Bloodborne pathogen training for ASU Police Department - Enroll

NIH Recombinant and synthetic nucleic acids - Enroll
Bloodborne pathogen training for ASU Sun Devil Athletics - Enroll Office safety - Enroll

Bloodborne pathogen training for ASU Sun Devil Fitness  - Enroll

PAPR - Enroll

Compactor safety – Enroll

Radiation safety for ASU Police - Enroll

Compressed gas – Enroll

Mentor verification checklist

Both required for certification

Respiratory determination - Enroll

CPMG support manual – Enroll

Roof access - Enroll

Craines, hoists and slings – Enroll

Safety and security for international travelers - Enroll
Dry ice shipper – Enroll Service provider acknowledgement - Enroll
Ergonomics for offices – Enroll Supervisor safety training - Enroll

Ergonomics for DACT – Enroll



ASU offers AED and CPR certification courses to support assistance in a medical emergency. Read more about AEDs on the AED webpage.



EHS offers a free, 90-minute, instructor-led training for non-medical professionals. Participants learn to use an AED and to perform chest compression CPR, but do not receive certification.
Register for an upcoming awareness training.


Sun Devil Fitness Centers offer CPR and AED and first aid certification. View upcoming training dates and read more about certification on the SDFC webpage.
Employees may also sign up for certification with partner Emergency University.

Special course request

Specialized training:

By request, additional training arrangements can be scheduled for groups of size or more. For more information contact the EHS Program Coordinator at 480-965-1823 or email EHS.


Biosafety classes by arrangement:

  • All Biosafety and Biosecurity training sessions provided by arrangement.

  • CDC select agent and toxin training sessions must be arranged.

  • Email to schedule a class.

Radiation safety training:


Radiation producing equipment

  • Required for individuals who want to procure, or need access, to analytical x-ray equipment, accelerators and other ionizing radiation producing equipment. Topics include the ASU radiation safety organization with outside research partners, procurement, hazards, registration and surveys.

Radioactive material

  • Required for people working at or visiting ASU who procure, use or dispose of radioactive materials. Topics include: procurement, accountability, instruments, surveys, hazards, disposal and emergency response.


  • Required for anyone working at or visiting ASU who will be operating Class IIIb or IV lasers. Once you register, an eye exam form will be emailed to you.

To schedule training, fill out the training request form.

Visitors and volunteers

To access either the EHS online courses and register for classroom courses. Individuals must have an affiliate ID, the identifier for training records. Non-ASU members may request a courtesy ASU affiliate ID from the University Technology Office. An ASU sponsor will need to initiate the request. Once the courtesy affiliate and ASURITE IDs are created, the person may access the EHS training system. 

How to request the courtesy ASU affiliate ID:

  • You will need a courtesy affiliate ID.

  • Once obtained, ASU computer accounts process and notify the person who is sponsoring the affiliate when it is done. This process takes approximately one business day.

Additional forms:

Volunteers and minors, additional forms may be required prior to completing the training.

Visitors to ASU:

  • Visiting employees or scholars from other universities or organizations must complete specified training requirements identified by their job function as listed in the EHS Training Determination Tool.

  • An ASU courtesy affiliate ID is required to register for safety courses.

Volunteers at ASU:

  • Volunteers working at the direction of a university employee for official university activity are provided insurance coverage for liability for acts and omissions in accordance with state law.

  • Volunteers must have completed the volunteer registration form and submit it to ASU Risk Management in compliance with the EHS 705-08: University Volunteer Insurance Coverage policy. 

  • Volunteers are welcome, but not required, to attend EHS safety classes.

  • Volunteers in research labs are required to receive lab-specific safety training from their sponsor.

  • If a volunteer is paid and working in a lab, then he or she is required to attend safety courses based on job function.

  • To determine the courses required and to register for the required safety courses by job function, access the ASU EHS Training Determination Tool.

Minors in the laboratory: