Welcome to ASU from President Crow

New employee orientation

Congratulations on becoming part of the ASU community. Our inclusive workforce represents various ages, cultures, ethnicities, experiences, interests and talents.

Learn about working at the New American University and your benefits on your orientation day. This event is for newly benefits-eligible and current employees who work 20 hours or more per week for 90 days or longer. 

How to sign up for new employee orientation

As a new hire, your department hiring manager or HR representative is responsible for enrolling you in an orientation session. Leadership and Workforce Development is not responsible for registering new hires. Your department hiring manager or HR representative will enroll you in one of the session options below. You will receive confirmation and additional details through email.

Benefits-eligible employees have two options to participate in new employee orientation. Non-benefits-eligible employees are not required to attend orientation.

Orientation runs from 8:30 a.m.–noon.   


  • This option offers individuals a simultaneous in-person and virtual orientation.
  • If your department enrolls you to attend the in-person orientation:
    • The orientation is held at University Center A, Suite 105, Tempe campus. In-person has a max capacity of 54. Also, plan to arrive between 7:30–8:25 a.m. for check-in.
    • If an in-person event is at capacity, your department must enroll you in the virtual option or another date. Due to the fire code, walk-ins are not allowed.
  • If your department enrolls you to attend the virtual orientation:
    • The orientation will be held through Zoom, accommodating up to 100 individuals.
    • The connection will become active at least 20 minutes before the program starts.
  • Once enrolled, your department will forward you a detailed confirmation for either option.
  • Last-minute changes may result in the postponement of your attendance. Again, please work directly with your department to register and select the correct format. 


  • Individuals must have Zoom installed on their computers. Visit Zoom at ASU for details. The Zoom link will be activated 15 minutes before the start time. 
  • This option is not a hybrid presentation that syncs with the in-person orientation. 

Self-paced curriculum 

  • This self-paced curriculum is recommended for non-benefit-eligible employees, including student workers.
  • Your hiring manager may enroll you in advance, or you may self-enroll to access Career EDGE. Use your ASU credentials to self-enroll. 
  • Visit ASU’s New Employee Orientation, a self-paced curriculum, to participate. 

Temporary parking permits

New employees can receive a free two-week parking permit valid during their first two weeks. Backdating or extensions are not allowed. Before the temporary permit expires, visit Parking and Transit Services to purchase a permanent parking permit. Only faculty and staff are eligible for the temporary two-week parking permit; student workers are not included. 

ASU ID card

All new employees must obtain an ASU ID card. This process is now automated, and you must submit the request online. Your ASU credentials must be set up to submit a request. Sun Devil Card Services will approve your ID card and allow you to pick it up in person or receive it by mail. 

Employee information

Update your employee self-disclosure data, contact details, and emergency contact information.

I-9, payroll and taxes

Before submitting your domestic or international new hire packet, complete section 1 of the Form I-9 on or before your first day of employment. More information is available online. Receive your pay faster by enrolling in direct deposit. Elect your federal and state tax deductions online and enroll in the electronic delivery of your W-2.

To enroll in direct deposit,  log in to My ASU, locate My Employment > Payroll > Direct Deposit, and follow the instructions.

Enroll in the electronic W-2

Onboarding resources 

Visit these resources to help you adapt to ASU.

New employee orientation checklist and resource guide.

New employee benefits orientation presentation.

Postdoctoral scholar hires

Congratulations on becoming part of the ASU postdoctoral scholar community.

We encourage you to attend the employee orientation to learn about your benefit plan options. Within 30 days of your hire or eligibility date, complete your benefits enrollment for medical, life insurance, short-term disability, flexible spending or health savings accounts. 

You can compare your benefit plan options on our employee healthcare webpage and review the Health Insurance Marketplace Notice.

Failure to complete your benefits enrollment during your 30-day enrollment period waives your right to enroll in health or welfare plans until the next benefits annual open enrollment period unless you have a qualifying life event. 

Vacation hours 

Full-time postdoctoral scholars on a fiscal appointment accrue ten vacation days in the first year of appointment and 15 vacation days in subsequent years. Vacation days do not carry over into the following year and are unpaid after the postdoctoral appointment. Full-time postdoctoral scholars on an academic appointment do not accrue vacation. 

Sick hours

All full-time postdoctoral scholars accrue sick leave at the rate of 3.69 hours per pay period.

Retirement programs 

Although postdoctoral scholars are not eligible to participate in a mandatory retirement plan, you are eligible to participate in one of our voluntary retirement plans at any time during your employment.

  • Arizona University System Voluntary 403(b) 
  • Deferred Compensation Plan 457(b)