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Verification of employment

Automated employment and income verification is available anytime by fax, voice or web from The Work Number. This fast, secure service provides employees with an easy way to authorize information for verification by banks, lenders, social service agencies, and other organizations. Verifiers may print requested information directly from The Work Number website or have it voiced and/or faxed if using 800-367-5690.

Requests for information regarding employee conduct, including allegations of discrimination and harassment, should be submitted to the Human Resources Employee Service Center. Signed permission of employees may be required to release certain records. 


The Work Number online access and use Employer code: 13789

The Work Number telephone access
Monday-Friday, 7 a.m.–8 p.m. CST

For employees

For verifiers

For social service

Employment only

To verify employment, provide the organization:

  • Your Social Security Number
  • Arizona State University Employer Code: 13789

Organizations may verify employment online or call 800-367-5690

Employment and income

To verify employment and income, the employee must:

  1. Call 800-367-2884 to obtain your initial password - PIN. This is a one-time requirement.

  2. Visit The Work Number website to create a Salary Key that grants one-time access to your income data if the verifier does not have access to TWN as a current verifier.

  3. Enter the Employer Code: 13789.

  4. Select “I want to provide proof of employment and income.”

  5. To obtain a Salary Key, enter:

    1. Your ASURITE User ID

    2. Your password (PIN) from step one

  6. Select Prove Income to Verifiers

    1. Select Create a Salary Key and then + New Salary Key.

    2. Write down the Salary Key - a six-digit number.

To verify employment and income, provide the organization:

  • Your Social Security Number.

  • Arizona State University Employer Code: 13789.

  • Your Salary Key - from step six above.

Organizations may verify employment with The Work Number online or call 800-367-5690.

Social Service

State and federal agencies may receive automated access to social service verifications faxed directly to the government agency.

For social service agency verification, the agency must:

  1. Register online with The Work Number or call 800-996-7566Note: All agencies must register to use the service. It takes about five minutes to complete the application. If you are already registered and need help, please call the Client Service Center at 800-996-7566.

  2. Obtain an employment and income verification online or call 800-660-3399.

    • Enter your registered fax number

    • Enter Arizona State University Employer Code: 13789

    • Enter employee’s Social Security Number

  3. Select the kind of verification needed: employment or employment plus income